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B.A.P - 어디니? 뭐하니? MV [Review]

B.A.P is back with the Music Video for their newest song '어디니? 뭐하니?'. The video itself was filmed while the group was preforming their Live On Earth aka LOE 2014 Continent Tour whilst they were in London England. I will . . . . . . to the best of my ability . . . . . . try to keep my fan-girl self in check while I give you my honest thoughts on this release.

*Aunnie creeps in from the darkness* Don't're going to fangirl at some point. It's your favorite group of all time, let's be serious...*Fades back into the black depths*

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 11 [Recap]

Episode 1 to 10 seems like the beginning of a roller coaster ride; there's anticipation, excitement and eagerness to take the plunge but inevitably there's that moment of "Oh my god, what am I doing?" It happens when you reach the top of the roller coaster and are looking down the impossible height. Ladies and Gentlemen, Episode 11 is that moment. Tian Xing sees what he's done and he's got no choice but to ride it out until it's conclusion . . . . Let's recap Fall In Love With Me Episode 11 . . .

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 10 [Recap]

Be warned. This episode was a doosie and so will this recap be. We've reached a whole new height of emotional torture and trauma in this episode and it proves to be the breaking point for both Le Si and Tian Xing and it all leads up to a dramatic change in the world of Oz . . . and Tian Ji. So take a deep breath and let's get to talking about Fall In Love With Me's episode 10.

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 9 [Recap]

And we foolishly thought the heartache was over at the end of last week's Fall In Love With Me. We also foolishly hoped Tian Xing would accidentally confess to the truth. We were wrong. . .so very, very wrong. In this episode, Tian Xing continues to either dig his own grave or eat crow--neither of which was all that appealing for him, I'm sure because it sure wasn't for us. Let's get to recapping, shall we?

유키스(U-KISS) '끼부리지마' MV [Review]

U-KISS is back with the release of their newest Music Video for '끼부리지마' Not only are they back with a brand new image, this release is also going to be the first showcase where they have 7 members again with the debut of their newest member, Jun. Who is taking over the maknae position since Dongho's unexpected decision to leave the group at the end of 2013. O.K technically this showcase has 6 members with AJ still attending school, but the group as a whole now has 7 again . . . anyways . . . Onto the music video!!

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 8 [Recap]

Last week we watched at Tian Xing struggled to pull Xiao Lu out of Le Si's life with only a minimal amount of pain with overwhelmingly unsuccessful results. Well, gather your tissues--I suggest a brand new box--and strap in while we watch Tian Xing make the hardest decision for both himself and Le Si. On this week's episode, we encounter the most extreme feels since the start of this Drama. Prepare yourselves . . . and let's start!

TAEYANG - 눈,코,입 (EYES, NOSE, LIPS) MV [Review]

As I've mentioned before in a previous blog post, I am not a real huge fan of Taeyang. I do like Bigbang as a group, their music is superb and I hardly dislike anything from them as a whole . . . but I do get a little picky when they start individual promotions for each member, the releases from them individually can be a hit or miss with me. That being said . . . here is Taeyang's newest MV release and my thoughts on the Music Video and song.