Fall in Love with Me: Episode 9 [Recap]

And we foolishly thought the heartache was over at the end of last week's Fall In Love With Me. We also foolishly hoped Tian Xing would accidentally confess to the truth. We were wrong . . . so very, very wrong. In this episode, Tian Xing continues to either dig his own grave or eat crow--neither of which was all that appealing for him, I'm sure because it sure wasn't for us. Let's get to recapping, shall we?

Aunnie: Well that backfired, didn't it Tian Xing? Okay, Le Si, it's time to wake up and smell the break up. 

Firnlambe: I'm glad it backfired in this manner and not in her figuring things out. That would have been sooo much worse.

Wendilynn: Tian Xing would be dead in the water as any personality if she figured it out now. I admit to being surprised at how she was able to find a way to believe Xiao Lu still loved her.

Aunnie: That is a sound decision Tian Xing! Yes, so maybe a confession is in order . . . get things out in the open and then figure out how to pick up the pieces? Yeah . . . yeah? You're not going to are you . . . ? *sigh*

Firnlambe: Now why would he do that . . . Tian Xing thrives off making his own situation worse before he makes it better.

Wendilynn: For a guy who supposedly understands and is a master of presentation and advertising, he's not real good at advertising why he should trump Xiao Lu is he?

Aunnie: I love that this guy is such a great brother, I really do . . . I just wish he wouldn't encourage her. Actually, I'm quite impressed with his character, I mean, he hasn't done anything too evil just yet--granted, there is still plenty of time but so far I've just seen him be a good brother and a good employee looking out for his company. Not too much to hate just yet. 

Firnlambe: Ok so Lance is someone who I've come to tolerate, but I . . . I just can't like his sister. After last week I tried to give her a chance. I really did. But she just can't see when she's lost and that annoys the shit outta me.

Wendilynn: True, Lance is not a bad guy as of yet. If I had just lost a major acct, I would probably pull strings too.  And he does care about his sister. I think we tend to think of him as one because we know how much trouble he can and probably will cause.

Aunnie: Way to be subtle guys . . . Although, I love this scene is it showed, I think, for the time that Leo has charm. There's been nothing about his character that's stood out as an individual character. He's just been an extension of Le Si, so it's kind of nice to see him in this light. Please let there be more scenes like this in the future!

Firnlambe: Agreed!! It almost makes me feel sad he's our SLS catalyst . . . but not quite

Wendilynn: This was funny. Catching them listening in while he gives him a talking to.  Its the first time he's really looked like a guy in charge to me. 

Aunnie: Did he seriously just say that . . . ?

Firnlambe: Tian Xing . . .
Lying will get you NO WHERE!!! And you've done more than enough to last us until the end of the series.

Wendilynn: oh brother.

Aunnie: First off, bad idea. As much as I like Lance, even I think collaborating with this company is a bad idea and Le Si is being ridiculously naive here. You don't let the wolf into your den and expect it not to eat your sheep. Pure and simple. And secondly, Tian Xing, see, this is exactly the kind of stuff you shouldn't be doing in front of Lance, what are you thinking??? I know, I know . . . he's not. But still . . .

Firnlambe: So . . . how many episodes do you wanna bet it will take for Lance to show his true colors in front of everyone? I'm guessing at least 3. 

Wendilynn:  Nah, I figure that Lance figures it all out in the next couple of episodes. Its too obvious, here.

Aunnie: Listen here, mofo . . . I'm sorry but this is getting tiring. Relatively soon they've got to curb his arrogance 'cause it's no wonder Le Si isn't falling for this @$hole! Doesn't matter if he actually took her home, the point is--can't you just be like "I'm taking you home, why? Is there somewhere else you wanted to go?" and then give her the oogly, suggestive eyes? Now that would have been sweet and cocky all at the same time! 

Firnlambe: Aunnie's right, but I don't think "sweet" is in Tian Xing's vocabulary.

Wendilynn: Tian Xing can be sweet, he just forgets to when he's swearing that puffed up hair style. Its sweet that stole her heart in the first place.

Aunnie: Yes . . . ye . . . yes . . . I like where this is going. Maybe Mommy Dearest can kick some sense into this man . . . And once again, Aaron's facial expressions. They're literally the only thing saving Tian Xing at this point. I'd almost rather Tian Xing shelve himself and just permanently inhabit Xiao Lu at this point, seriously . . .

Firnlambe: Or at least channel his inner Xiao Lu. He's far past the point where he can just drop Tian Xing and stay as Xiao Lu.

Wendilynn:  Once he realizes that he is both, everyone will be a lot better off.

Aunnie: You can literally see him swaying Mommy Dearest in this scene. Although, why can't he be this intuitive when he's with Le Si? 

Side note, I wonder how these two actors felt about working together again but being enemies this time around. Think they laugh about it behind-the-scenes?

Firnlambe: Because love blinds you? That's the only logical explanation as to why he's so slow in getting Le Si to love the real him at this point. I really do hope Mommy Dearest uses her mother's intuition to see that what they've pegged Tian Xing to be is actually not all there is to him. She would be great to have in his corner . . . although . . . when his secret comes out I suppose that would not benefit him at all. She would chop him up into itty bitty pieces in 10 seconds flat

Wendilynn: Oh, there's a bunch of characters in this one that have done many things together before. Uncle Fu, for instance was in KO one with Aaron, although he played the father of another character. As for how slow he's being getting on with the program, he's in love and its made him impatient. He no longer has perspective.

Aunnie: Thank you, Le Si, for not sending that message. I'm beginning to get annoyed with this whole "mopey" thing they're doing with her character . . . or maybe I'm just annoyed in general cause I'd like for the drama to move on. We get that she's sad and depressed at the loss of someone who was never even her boyfriend BUT Lets.Move.On. Please. 

Firnlambe: Le Si will never get over Xiao Lu . . . She's obviously the kind of woman who lives in denial after a breakup until a new love comes along. Hopefully Tian Xing gets a move on things and wins her over before his secret comes out.

Wendilynn:  Its true love. Don't you know that when you're destined to be together, ones love never fades?  yeah, me neither.

Aunnie: Step One: Turn your phone off. Step Two: Take a personal day. Step Three? Kill this kid on your personal day. Plain and simple. But I love that Lance and his two side kicks have a good enough relationship that they can tease each other. I especially like Lance's "Lovey-Dovey" comment as he walks away. 

Firnlambe: Why would you not silence it? Why put it on vibrate? She would have saved herself a whole lot of embarrassment. But I'm also loving Lance's relationship with his lackeys. It's a nice change of pace from the image he portrays around Tian Xing and Le Si.

Wendilynn:  I don't know about you, but having ones phone on during a business meeting is a major no no. Lance does have a sense of humor . . . . maybe.

Aunnie: Finally. First, I think Lance handled this very well. Second, it's about time someone actually TOLD Tian Xing that ignoring Huan Huan and pushing her off to the side isn't going to work. You need to have a face-to-face conversation with her and say "I'm sorry, but it'll never happen." I know that's not what Lance is saying here but he's bringing the matter up and letting Tian Xing know that reality is what it is and he needs to handle it before this poor girl gets hurts more.

Firnlambe: You can see that Tian Xing knows that's what he needs to do . . . I think he's just so afraid of the impact his rejection would cause Huan Huan that he doesn't know how to go about it.

Wendilynn: Huan Huan is his baby sister. Tian Xing is not going to want to break her heart. He does love her, just not the way she wants him too. I'm glad Lance told him to man up and talk to her instead of acting like she is invisible.

Aunnie: And seriously, at what point is Tian Xing's past going to be revealed because this scene just makes me more and more curious as to how long he was with Lance's family, why was he with Lance's family and HOW does he know Lance's family at all? There is some serious history here. And I can't help but feel like Lance feels some serious brotherly love for Tian Xing that Tian Xing, himself, may not feel. Lance's face looks kind of hurt here. Or is that just me?

Firnlambe: No it's not just you . . . I can see the hurt too, and it also make me extremely curious as to how Tian Xing ended up in Lance's family.

WendilynnNo, its not you.  He's actually been hurt since episode 1. That's why I was expecting him to become our bad guy because he felt betrayed by Tian Xing.

Firnlambe: Can we move on yet? I'm getting extremely tired of this whole "oh woe is me" state Le Si is stuck in.

Aunnie: You reap what you--No, you know what . . . I'm with Tian Xing on this one. I'm done with this line of thinking too. LET'S MOVE ON PLEASE! 

Wendilynn: Come on, its only been a day or two. Broken hearts don't mend that fast. I'm talking to Tian Xing here. Boy, you need to learn about something called timing and not using a 2x4 in forcing your own feelings.

Firnlambe: Well this was bound to happen sooner or later . . . I'm actually impressed that it took us this long for Lance's true intentions to start seeping out.

Aunnie: This scene makes me feel less assured about there never being a hostel Oz takeover. *sigh* At least the writers gave us some redeeming qualities for Lance before he goes all evil-bad-guy on us. 

Wendilynn: Of course Lance will want to make his company the winner in this.  After all, he's the one who wants to be the big shark in the water.

Firnlambe: Can you ask Lance to make you less annoying? . . . we can't all get what we want sweetheart.

Aunnie: First time this girl has annoyed me and it was still very mild annoyance at that. I'm sure the other girls have different opinions HOWEVER I like Leo in this whole scene. He's sympathetic to Huan Huan's cause but also leads by example. Good for you, Leo!

Wendilynn: Rather forward of her, all things considered.  Leo does a good job of deciding where he wants to be in this mess.

Firnlambe: HA! I loved Miao Miao mimicking Huan Huan in the background. I'm also still pulling for these two side characters to get together, they make such an adorable couple the way they banter back and forth.

Aunnie: I love Miao Miao's comedic relief but the look the guy gives her after she hits him and her return look makes this scene hilarious! I love her character! (Also, I love that Leo couldn't keep a straight face in this scene)

Wendilynn: Miao Miao rocks. I love how she tortures the guy with the allergies. lol

Aunnie: Dude!! If I were you, I'd seriously stop bringing up Xiao Lu--even if you were two separate people, stop reminding her of him and let's not forget that you AREN'T two separate people. *facepalm* All these moments are going to come back to Le Si with startling clarity when his identity is revealed. Dear God . . .

Firnlambe: But he made a valid point that I don't think she'd acknowledged before, her constant rejection is hurting someone just like his is. Granted that doesn't justify how Tian Xing is going about wooing our leading lady, but it does make her stop and think about things.

Wendilynn:  Perspective is everything . . . now all these characters need to do is get some.

Firnlambe: We seemed to have lost Le Si in the pool of infinite denial. Seriously . . . if someone leaves you, the way Xiao Lu did, a normal person would have gotten pissed then moved on. This whole "He'll come back!! I'll see him again!!" bit is getting old reeeeal quick.

Aunnie: Right! There needs to be a role reversal in their "Thats Not Me" MV. Man . . . this girl is in denial. Irrationally so--which makes it hard to continue to like her. Something needs to change . . . and very soon. 

Wendilynn:  I disagree that anyone moves on in just a few days.  Remember, its probably only been a week at most.  And Tian Xing getting mad at her because of his own impatience isn't good either.

So what are your thoughts on this week's episode of Fall In Love With Me? Are you tired of all the drama or are you hoping for more of a delay in Tian Xing's identity reveal? What about Le Si? Do you think she needs to move on or hold onto Xiao Lu until the very end? And just what is Lance planning? I guess we'll find out next week! Tune back in next week for more from Firnlambe, Wendilynn and Aunnie.

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