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Fall in Love with Me: Episode 15 [Recap]

Last week we left off on an ultimatum; Tian Xing needs to marry Huan Huan in exchange for Oz's survival. Just when Le Si is opening up her heart once more to Tian Xing--Tensions are high as he is forced to make a decision that will cost him everything he holds dear--his friends, Oz, Le Si but more importantly, his freedom. How will he handle the choices in front of him? Let's find out on this week's Fall In Love With Me . . .

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 14 [Recap]

Last week we learned just how precariously Tian Xing's livelihood stands in the balance between his "duty" to Tian Ji and his love for Oz--or more specifically, Le Si. Not to mention the betrayal that is going on behind doors with regards to Huan Huan's spinal issue--will Tian Xing be able to extract himself from the tangled web that is Tian Ji or is he permanently ensnared? Let's find out on this week's Fall In Love With Me.

DramaFever Awards: 2013 [Recap]

Earlier this year it was time for netizens from across the globe to tune in and cast their votes in 13 different categories during DramaFever's Second Annual Drama Awards. DramaFever has also graciously posted the whole ceremony . Complete with special guest appearances and the acceptance speeches that were sent in from Korea, for the viewing pleasure of those of us who were unable to make the trip out to NYC and attend the awards in person. Hey, Aunnie here and I've come to reprise my role as Soju-Like-Kdrama's dedicated stalker. I, too, have much to say about the 2013 DramaFever Second Annual Drama Awards. Look for me in green . . . . Alright, Firnlambe, take it away!

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 13 [Recap]

Last week ended with broken hearts and...broken necks? The episode was strewn with so many emotions, we in the Drama Club had a hard time processing all the twists and turns and, quite frankly, the amount of feels the writers have no problem shooting our way. And if the preview is anything to go by, it doesn't look to be stopping any time soon! Without further ado, Episode 13 . . .

Henry 헨리 Fantastic MV [Review]

Henry's back!!! This comeback was announced a mere 7 days ago . . . and boy did SM pull through and deliver! It's got all the key factors you could want from a comeback MV. The music rocks, the visuals are amazing, and the dancing is spot on. I honestly had nothing to bitch about . . . and usually I can find something on the first viewing--but I'll get to that later.

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 12 [Recap]

Truth's out, cards have been played and it's an all out war in episode 12 of Fall In Love With Me and they're going for blood. I think we can all agree that Tian Xing messed up but just how will he try to mend bridges with the people of Oz? Will he fall into Lance's trap and stay by Huan Huan's side? And just how will Le Si handle Leo's confession of love? Let's recap Episode 12 and find out . . .