Soju Nightcaps: Fall in Love with Me

Right, so for those who may not already know . . . I've been doing my own makeshift Drama Club for the Taiwanese series Fall in Love with Me​​ starting Aaron Yang.

Together with Aunnie and Wendilynn, I recap what's been going on in the series. We discuss how we feel about important scenes, make predictions, or just complain about what is or is not happening in the drama's story plot.

I created this page so everyone does not have to backtrack through the archives to find past posts

Enjoy ^-^

Current Episode

Episode 17


  1. Nice!! Good to know that there's others that like this drama.

    1. yup ... you are not alone ^-^ I have yet to find a drama with Aaron that I dislike

  2. I loved every episode of Fall In Love With Me. I also watched all the Kdramas that he performed in in between episodes.


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