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Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 2 [Recap]

Welcome Journalists, to the second episode of  The Nightwatchman's Journal . Join Aunnie, Wendilynn, Taleena, Miri and myself as we discuss the multitude of theories that this episode provided. We cover everything from; possessions via mist, royalty gone crazy, creepy ghosts as well as revisiting the scientific significance of  . . .  cuppybowls?  . . .  Read on for a post that's sure to make you laugh. (we apologize for the lengthy entry. What can we say other than  . . .  cuppybowls  . . . )

Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 1 [Recap]

Welcome drama fans!! Are you prepared to enter the minds of 5 women who've become slightly obsessed with the glorious wonder that is the world of Kdramas? Well I hope so, because we've decided to tackle yet another currently airing drama for your recapping pleasure . . . The Night Watchman's Journal . Join Aunnie, Miri, Taleena, Wendilynn and myself as we journey through this drama filled with suspense, fantasy and romance. We're quite a few weeks behind the episode curve so let’s get started--shall we?