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Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 2 [Recap]

Welcome Journalists, to the second episode of The Nightwatchman's Journal. Join Aunnie, Wendilynn, Taleena, Miri and myself as we discuss the multitude of theories that this episode provided. We cover everything from; possessions via mist, royalty gone crazy, creepy ghosts as well as revisiting the scientific significance of . . . cuppybowls? . . . Read on for a post that's sure to make you laugh. (we apologize for the lengthy entry. What can we say other than . . . cuppybowls . . .)

Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 1 [Recap]

Welcome drama fans!! Are you prepared to enter the minds of 5 women who've become slightly obsessed with the glorious wonder that is the world of Kdramas? Well I hope so, because we've decided to tackle yet another currently airing drama for your recapping pleasure . . .The Night Watchman's Journal. Join Aunnie, Miri, Taleena, Wendilynn and myself as we journey through this drama filled with suspense, fantasy and romance. We're quite a few weeks behind the episode curve so let’s get started--shall we?