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Seungri - Let's Talk About Love Album [Review]

After a 2 year hiatus, BigBang's mankae is back! Personally I'm not a huge BigBang fan . . . but I also don't hate them. That being said, I do really like the few solo songs I've heard from Seungri. So here are my thoughts on his latest and first full album.

The top 5 Kidol's you didn't see THIS coming from

I know I've done a few posts here and there, but none of them really had a "theme" for me to work with. Actually I'm fairly sure they were all Album reviews . . . oh and my absolutely deplorable attempt at creating a drinking game around my beloved Kdramas. *note to self*  Stick to pre-made games  . . . .  seriously, those posts ( 1  ,  2  &  3 ) need to be either deleted or have some serious overhauls done to them.  ::ahem:: Annnnny waaaay . . . I've decided to retry this whole blogging thing after seeing my friend Aunnie really get into it over on her blog, Aunnie's World . I'm going to take a moment, before getting to the crux of today's topic, to mention the different kinds of "groups" that start forming with-in the Hallyu-verse. I'm going to try to not go into too much detail on those I single out . . . However, I will throw in a delightful collection of corresponding pictures and videos for your viewing plea