Kpop Gif Challenge!

In an effort towards being more productive on this blog, I have decided to finish as many of my incomplete posts as possible. I have so many posts in draft mode people it isn't even funny anymore. Then again I digress.....I present to you, what will be the first of (hopefully) many more posts for your reading pleasure. 
A K-Pop GIF Challenge!!
To start, go to your GIF folder. You have one I know you do. For each part choose every 5th GIF. Begin with either the 5th GIF from the bottom and then move up your list. OR start with the 5th from the top of your list, then move down. If you reach the "end or beginning" of your folder and you still have sections which you need to select GIFs for, continue with your count from the opposite side of your current location. Everyone Ready?

NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb MV [Review]

NCT is an interesting concept. I know I haven't been on top of my music reviews or anything for that matter but the NCT initiative has always intrigued me. It has the potential to be super successful for SM Entertainment, but it also has potential to blow up in their faces. I'm going to be taking a look at the NCT-127 sub unit's most recent Music Video for their latest song Cherry Bomb. So join me as we look at if this single has what it takes to draw in views during its first 24 hours after release.

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 17 [recap]

I’ll admit it. I’m a horrible blogger. It’s been two years since I considered even looking at these recaps. Last we left off Leo had suddenly decided to jump ships from OZ to Tian Ji, Tao Zi had one last night of passion before Tian Xing has the shackles of a forced marriage clasped on, and Huan Huan--Huan Huan would have rather been hit by a truck than have her lie exposed to the world. Will Little Miss Liar Liar live to lie another day, or does Tian Xing finally find a way out of this horrible engagement? Join Aunnie, Wendilynn and I, Firnlambe, as we finally discuss episode 17 of Fall in Love with Me.

Hallyu World Domination--SM Entertainment's Grand Plan

It was bound to happen eventually. For at least 2 years we have been seeing teasers and images following SM Entertainment's "SM Rookies" group. While the group consists of boys and girls, both of whom have been helping Super Junior's Leeteuk MC Disney Korea's Mickey Mouse Club, recently it's been clear that Lee Soo Man's primary focus has revolved around the boys. Of course Wednesday's announcement is only adding fuel to the fire, resulting in SM Entertainment really taking the term "Boy Group" to the next level.

SHINee 샤이니 - View & Married to the Music MVs [review]

Greetings readers!! I'm back with another MV review! This post will be covering the last two music videos released by . . .  I will be sticking with the Drama versions only, because at the time I started working on this post (eons ago) Married to the Music had only recently been released and there was no dance version to compare with View. Expect a separate post comparing the dance versions in the future---if I can keep the real world in check. Anyway! These videos are interesting to say the least, so lets begin shall we?

Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 4 [Recap]

Well, once again real life has a mind of it's own. I've been having too much fun working on Dramafever's Drama Clubs, which has led me to neglect this blog. Anyway . . . I fully plan on getting our other nightcaps uploaded for your reading pleasure but for now here is our take on episode 4 and all the shenanigans our lovely characters are getting themselves into.

4MINUTE - 미쳐(Crazy) [Review]

Wow . . . it's been so long since I've done a review. And honestly I didn't think this group would be the one to bring me back to even doing reviews. So, in case you were not aware--I'm not a huge fan of girl groups. Even the groups I "like" are groups I'll only buy MAX one or two songs from their albums, and even then 4MINUTE wasn't even near the top of that list.