Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 4 [Recap]

Well, once again real life has a mind of it's own. I've been having too much fun working on Dramafever's Drama Clubs, which has led me to neglect this blog. Anyway . . . I fully plan on getting our other nightcaps uploaded for your reading pleasure but for now here is our take on episode 4 and all the shenanigans our lovely characters are getting themselves into.

Taleena: Having a hard day of dodging ghosts, rescuing damsels, overhearing evil plots, and swimming the eel infested waters of court politics? Put on your prettiest robes, your nicest bead string and take a peaceful nap in a scenic fishing boat. Boat Nap Tours, for all your relaxation needs.

Aunnie: That would be an AWESOME way to end a long day. I wouldn’t even need a bath, Just green water, peaceful wind and---omg was that a bug that just jumped into the boat?? Nah, bath’s are totally the way to go. If the BTS of Fall In Love With Me have taught me anything is that there are bugs in that part of the world that are just plain freaky.

Miri: Is it just me thinking that there’s room in that boat for two??? Har har har . . . .
Aunnie: I find it interesting that you’ll promote Kisan as King but not quite enough to want him to marry your daughter? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want my daughter to be princess/queen either but I’m thinking he knows there’s something innately wrong with the King

Taleena: They made their political bed and must now must lay in it. BUT his daughter is still unmarried. I bet it is because she didn’t want anyone but Rin. Still I feel that this is the first step of the dowager queen setting things up for Rin to return now that the Minister has expressed concern about the cray cray of Kisan.

Firnlambe: Never trust a man who will effectively sell his daughter to the one who will give him the most power.

Wendilynn: Generally, you don’t trust the daughter in that scenario either.

Aunnie: Well, it’d be only fair that he be forced to marry his daughter to the cray-cray King that he himself took part in promoting.

Miri: I can’t really blame the Dowager Queen here, because she needed help to take care of her grandson, the king, gone crazy. But the after effects were that she and her head minister now were “in bed together” running their kingdom until the princes grew up. So to stabilize the kingdom a heavy hand was needed as well as decisive decisions.
Aunnie: I see this ghost becoming a part of the main cast as a troublesome ghost in the future.

Wendilynn: Or are they going to have a trouble ghost of the week?

Firnlambe: Oh I hope that it’s a new troubled ghost each week . . . that would be hysterical.

Taleena: I think the only constant will be the 3 retainer ghosts and whatever ghost is giving clues and hints.

Aunnie: Ohh, the fun they could have with that little story arc!
Aunnie: I love that they’re playing with him. He’s so busted . . . he’s not even stealthy about it . . . silly Il Woo.

Wendilynn: I realize they are showing him to be a pervert, but these set ups in dramas always crack me up instead.

Firnlambe: Well he is the best playboy in the land now.

Aunnie: During that scene, I totally envisioned Hyun Bin’s portrayal of a “female” from Secret Garden, I half expected him to turn around and attempt to hide his pectorals.

Taleena: Can I just say if you are trying to get the prince to listen to you running after him naked while giving him a come hither look is not the best strategy for Eunuch Song.

Miri: Ha, Ha, Ha, I’m laughing so hard because we all knew he was walking into a man trap!

Aunnie: I just can’t believe he fell for that. *pause* It’s the Eunuch . . he’s so busted. This is gonna be great! *play* BWAHAHAHAHA Busted!! Yeah run . . get behind your wooden X’s . . think they haven’t thought of that?

Wendilynn: He’s so busted. bwhahahaha! That wink was priceless. This actor really does look very feminine from behind.

Firnlambe: I’m really hoping this will be the last of this type of scene . . . it was funny, but there are more important things in the story they can cover.

Wendilynn: You have to admit it was an effective way to test if he could see them or not.

Firnlambe: yes, yes it was . . . and Rin is just gullible enough to not notice he was being lead by the nose.

Wendilynn: the nose was not the organ in question or in charge at the moment.

Firnlambe: pssssh a minor technicality

Aunnie: I think they’re just trying to build his character up and make him seem like an playboy and then make him awesome in the end . . . .I hope . . . maybe?
Miri: Oh sooo KDrama predictable! Tell me how many K Dramas have to two main leads meet for the first time this way? Must be at least half of them! Or at least it seems that way . . .

Firnlambe: It was such a dramatic way to introduce them too . . . though I’m shocked no one got a concussion out of the deal.

Aunnie: They could have gotten the amnesia plot twist out of the way right then and there! How funny would it have been for him to not remember he could see ghosts and be seen talking to complete strangers. Oh . . . fate will not be denied. Oh no!! Your Bracelet! SIGN FROM THE HEAVENS!

Taleena: Look Kick Ass Jingle Bell Shaman bracelets are hard to come by. Plus I totally thought we were going to get a stumble kiss out of them. I am glad it didn’t go there, because prophesy not withstanding, I’d really like to see Do Ha take a crack at Mystic Blacksmith. Illiterate tribal girl to queen is a huge leap.

Aunnie: Bride of the Century has ruined you Taleena, although after watching Il Woo kiss in FBRS, I’m totally cool with witnessing him kiss the bejeezus out of another female lead.

Miri: Truth be told Taleena and I were both sitting here saying, “they are falling into a kiss?!!” followed by “awww, darn, no they didn’t go there.”

Firnlambe: Well they do have to have them hate each other first . . . we can’t break tradition now.

Wendilynn: Don’t you know that all eternal relationships start with hate first? lol No wonder I'm still single, I don’t hate anyone.
Aunnie: How . . . . did she see . . . . Shaman! (Shamans: Korea’s version of New England’s “Witch”)

Wendilynn: I was under the impression that she’s not a full fledged shaman. Her abilities are limited.

Aunnie: I think she has the ability to be shaman, I think the sister just told her that she wouldn’t have to be a shaman like their mother and her. However, I think her being able to see the ghosts mean her shaman abilities are coming to the forefront . . . and rather suddenly.

Firnlambe: Well . . . sudden to us as viewers, for all we know she’s been seeing ghosts for years already.

Taleena: She can see ghosts because it is IN the blood so to speak, but also because the writers have make it so.

Miri: So as a child did she see those giant skeletons attack the king and think, “oh well I’ll wait till the action is over AND then lead them through the wall of stone” or did she inherit these abilities with . . er . . . puberty???

Aunnie: Proves she’s a smart child, I wouldn’t bring attention to myself either in a situation like that. Better to let the adults handle it.
Aunnie: Ahh, the bad guy is a smart bad guy . . . and not afraid to take risks, you almost have to admire that.

Wendilynn: Never trust sniveling. You’d think the King would spot that but he’s probably desperate for a good nights sleep. Since I’ve only gotten 4 hours in two days, I can understand that can impair one's judgement. lol

Aunnie: Oh, the horror that is being sleep deprived, I totally get it but I think the King likes sniveling, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and what’s more powerful than having someone bow at your feet pretending like you’re the sun?

Taleena: Of course King Cray-Cray is now convinced it was his idea all along to build the Locii of Evil . . . I mean the shaman house for I Heart Dragons.

Aunnie: Omg, Firn and I totally burst out laughing at the exact same time. We need shirts . . .

Firnlambe: That or we can just stare at the pretty duckling . . .

Aunnie: Yes, and queue festive music in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . On another note, Go Yunho!!

Taleena: I guess when the girl you like has the hots for a Prince you do a lot of training. Not that I am objecting mind you it makes for lovely eye candy.

Firnlambe: I thought the Prime Minister’s daughter was related to him . . . or where you referring to Do Ha.

Aunnie: I feel that in order to really get the most out of his training, he should be unclothed from the waist up.


Taleena: I think we need to suss this out. Yunho is the PM’s son. The girl is just a retainer right? I don’t think we have met the PM’s daughter again.

Firnlambe: No Soo Hyun is the Prime Minister’s daughter . . . she was the small child in the beginning who fawned over the sick prince.

Taleena: Then he is not very brotherly. I totally read that as jealous.

Miri: Yeah, I’m a little confused on who is who’s adult-ish child. It’s not very clear. I say lets have one good family dinner scene so we, the audience,can figure it all out.

Wendilynn: Where would we be if we could tell everyone apart right away?
Aunnie: For some reason, I found sincere enjoyment when they started flying. The graphics are a hit and miss, but if they keep missing like that, at least they’ll be hilarious. I loved it.

Taleena: Why would you ever run when you can fly? Is it just me or is the little girl so boss that she does everything first and the other two are like, “We can do that? Cool!”

Miri: So little girl ghost has the best charisma and I love her already. I hope she continues to star in this drama.

Aunnie: She actually played the little girl in The Suspicious Housekeeper where she played a rather great role for someone so incredibly young.

Miri: Also flying is fast but I would prefer Superman jumps instead of outright flying. What form of superhero travel would you all do?

Aunnie: I’d Hazeal my ass around (X-men, Nightcrawler’s father--red-demon looking dude)

Firnlambe: yeah teleportation would be the best . . . save me a hell of a lot of money from all the gas I wouldn’t be using.

Wendilynn: That flying was so silly. Just stick to speed running you guys.
Aunnie: Oh hell . . . Welcome Yunho, he shall be filling the Second Lead Syndrome slot. Let’s all look at his soon-to-be woefully sad existence.

Taleena: Yup he has SLS allllllllll over him.

Miri: I like how Do Ha takes the opportunity to give everyone the slip. She’s no shy violet she’s a girl of “real action.”

Wendilynn: Can you really have SLS for someone who is so stiff?

Firnlambe: No, but I get the feeling that his attitude will gradually change the more he interacts with Do Ha. Speaking of Do Ha, why is it when she slips away into hiding she's suddenly blind as a bat inside that cage?

Miri: Argh!!! My faith in strong women is challenged by this fatal flaw. How could you not see the outline at least of Rin when it is glaring sun outside. I felt it was actually humorous that Rin thought she was a ghost.

Taleena: How many women look at k drama heroes and yell “touch me!” repeatedly. True to life.

Firnlambe: Seriously though . . . light was still shining through . . . it's not like they made it extremely dark. Aunnie: This also confused me because the sheet was red, not black, and red lighting gives a lot of details when backlit.

Wendilynn: It was lit for the camera, they were in total dark. *chuckles*

Aunnie: Rin's almost more afraid of humans than ghosts, what the hell. lol

Miri: Ahh, gosh golly gee whiz. What’s a girl gonna do when trapped in a wooden cage. Obviously she’s not worried about what else might be trapped in there with her, but that was all I could think about.

Firnlambe: Again, hate to be the voice of reason here--but I don’t believe Rin actually locked the door . . . he just haphazardly placed the lock in place and then failed to actually secure it. Do Ha totally could have just taken the lock off.

Miri: It doesn’t really matter if it was locked. Have you ever opened a lock like this with a bobby pin? It’s not that hard and Do Ha had all sorts of things on her body to pick the lock. NOT to mention that she is so thin she probably could have squeezed through the cage holes.

Aunnie: It didn’t even matter if it was locked . . . it was wooden! It’s the same situation as being locked into a room with paper walls . . . you’re not “locked” anywhere . . . a semi-powerful kick would do the job. I half expected them to pull the sheet off and we’d see her locked in with that Tiger--because that tiger scene just seems super random now in hindsight.

Firnlambe: Well they are showcasing "rare" creatures. When they whipped back the red sheet covering Do Ha's cage, they announced that a Phoenix was supposed to be inside . . . I don't think this was the Phoenix they were expecting.

Miri: She’s half human and half beast . . . in bed . . . oh sorry was that inappropriate?

Taleena: Inside the head Miri, INSIDE.

Aunnie: Who knew that the saying “Lady in the Streets, but a Freak in the Sheets” started in Korea . . . it’s so nice when Kdramas add a little bit of history. . . educational.

Firnlambe: It’s nice to have a second moderator this time around . . . episode two was just out of control.

Miri: It’s all in the perspective.

Wendilynn: First she has to master the art of kissing with her eyes closed and without a shocked expression on her face.
Taleena: The difference between a first and second banana I have got to say. The fact that she dumps him on the ground then goes after him for the jingle bell bracelet was particularly nice.

Firnlambe: Yeah, the SLS catalyst usually tries to go about fixing things in a “normal” manner don’t they . . . and then we have our main leads who just do whatever they feel is necessary to get the outcome they desire.

Aunnie: WHA-BAM problem solved. Oh . . . Dokko Jin gif idea . .

Miri: I ONLY date men who rip the cell to pieces to save me. No” see ya later I’m getting the key and I’ll be back for you.” Who knows how many detours a man can get involved in? And then they would forget what they set off to do, only to remember once they were standing in front of a fridge . .

Aunnie: *Pats Miri’s Head* It’s okay . . . It’s okay . . .
Aunnie: Is this guy a good guy? I can’t even tell if I’m being fooled . . . it would explain why he doesn’t want his daughter marrying Kisan . . . The road to hell is paved with good intentions . . .

Taleena: The minister is like Varys in Game of Thrones always looking out for the kingdom (and his place in it) overall. (Because he is the best person to protect the kingdom don’tchya know) And will back stab . . . I mean politic . . . with anyone needed to make the kingdom safe and prosperous. The fact that the PM and the Dowager Queen have opposing views on the best course of action regarding Rin is not a good sign. They both know that Kisan is a nutbar but how to safeguard the heir - they have divergent ideas. Low profile vs. high profile.

Aunnie: I really hope the Queen Dowager dies . . . relatively soon. It seems to be Queen Dowagers never know when to give up their power--unless it’s Jang Ok Jung, in which case the queen still didn’t know when to give up her power, she just happened to be a good guy--but the PM walks a dangerous path, He can oppose, but only so much.

Wendilynn: In Goong we had both a good and bad Queen Dowagers. Its clear that the QD has different goals then our PM. This is why they seem at odds. What they are focusing on is on conflict.

Firnlambe: I’m with Wendilynn on this, I don’t think this drama’s Queen Dowager is doing this all out of hate for Rin. She’s trying to do the best she can with what power she still retains . . . . granted that won't excuse her choice of actions, but it makes me hate her less.
Aunnie: The ghosts this palace must house . . . oh god . . . that’s horrifying. Maybe they’ll all come to help him later on? If that was the case, they totally neglected the last King . . . Must be nice to beg for your life when you know he can’t kill you . . . Gah! So tricky, this secretary!

Taleena: So remember folks, hatching evil plans in a room with paper walls is always a tricky prospect. It is amazing that no one hears I Heart Dragons when he laughs maniacally.

Aunnie: Planning evil deeds with paper walls is not for novices, it’s the equivalent to the Legendary difficulty in Halo.

Miri: All I could think of was that Rin might run into his father’s ghost who explains the whole unintentional possession. I think if Rin stays in the palace he might hear ghost clues which could explain the whole death of his parents dragon cult thing.

Firnlambe: I didn’t even consider that . . . oh I hope they at least have some of the palace ghosts willing to talk with Rin

Wendilynn: I imagine that Rin’s stomach dropped to the floor a bit as he overheard what they were talking about. He never seems to hear good things when he does that, but he always seems to be in the right place to learn who's not on his side.
Aunnie: Oh just DIE already!!! What is the life expectancy in the Joseon Era, 103?? Then again . . . Koreans . . . they have sorcery-nevermind.

Taleena: Yup we are seeing the beginnings of the harmful things that happen when the true powers in the kingdom are not agreeing on a course of action.

Firnlambe: It’s just too bad Rin really doesn’t care . . . at least, not yet.

Aunnie: I think he’s playing the Playboy image of himself up, I think he’s tragically scarred from what happened 12 years ago (and who can blame him) and now he’s just “Eff that crap, I’m gonna do my own thing which won’t potentially leave me inconceivably crazy”

Miri: Oh I agree, especially after watching Empress Ki you can see how this is a time proven method of staying alive if you are a royal. 100% act either crazy, or simple, or a playboy that’s how to stay alive.

Wendilynn: Granted, he’s had lots of experience in this field. He already did this in Moon Embraces. HE was a fickle wanderer though.

Firnlambe: Ugh . . . don’t even bring up Moon Embraces--that will just make me sad all over again.
Firnlambe: She really doesn't pay any attention to her surroundings does she? You think that after announcing what tribe she's from she'd be a little more cautious.

Aunnie: . . . Really . . . Why would you say that outloud? Or, around people at all? Does he think she can see ghosts . . . or . . . does he know who she is?

Taleena: I think he figured out who she was and thought, “Your sister had delicious life force.”
Aunnie: ‘Cause that didn’t sound seriously creepy Taleena . . . At all.

Firnlambe: Well that’s true I suppose . . . his face did look like he was about to eat her soul right then and there.

Miri: Oooh Bad Guy seriously acting like a good bad guy should. That being said if I was a good guy in a K Drama I would like to think I would get the heebie jeebies if bad guys were leering and staring at me.

Wendilynn: Nothing like possessing a set in our bid for world domination
Taleena: So normally I advocate leaning into to truth, but I’d make an exception in this case. Rin is no dummy even if he does have trust issues, ego issues, and ghost issues.

Firnlambe: Agreed, and seeing as it's crazy Kisan who’s asking, Rin doesn’t want to do more to make reasons for the King to hate him.

Aunnie: I think it’ll be shown that he’s not as “aloof” as he’d like to let people think. He very much understands that this new position is a dangerous one that he doesn’t want to be involved in.

Miri: Oh I very much liked the “do you see ghosts” lie followed by the demand for absolute truth and loyalty. Clearly makes you understand that both guys are NOT on the same “save your bacon” page.

Wendilynn: Besides, did you see all those ghosts around the king? No way I’d admit to seeing that, either. That was seriously creepy. Gives you an idea of just how bad it is for Rin.

Firnlambe: Agreed, also--Rins flashback of him seeing a vengeful ghost staring at Little King Kisan never bodes well later on.

Aunnie: Uh oh . . . Kisan knows something about the queen . . .

Miri: At this point I started to wonder if I should consult the Big Book Of Theories for a sub-plot involving setting up the insane king for his wife’s death when in fact it was a coup by supporters for Prince Kisan. Makes you say hmmm.
Firnlambe: I swear watching Yunho preform these types of scenes will never get old. Granted I'm sure that has a lot to do with the soundtrack changes lol

Aunnie: Seriously, the music is amazingly timed in this drama. I can’t be the only one who thinks the music is awesome.

Taleena: I smell foreshadowing! Nope, you are not the only one enjoying the sound track. You know that important themes are being hit when K Pop plays.

Aunnie: Or when there’s a dramatic increase in the volume of the background music.

Wendilynn: I couldn’t help but think of Gladiator, where the Prince practices a “set routine” so that he never gets hurt. This looks a lot more natural, but still a tad too safe.

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