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Bangtan Boys (BTS) - Comeback "Dark & Wild"

Now, I have loved The Bangtang Boys or BTS since their beginning, but holy crap . . .  These teasers for their newest MV "Danger" look and sound absolutely stunning! I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest off their first full album. 

Running Man: A Drinking Game

Waaaaay back when this blog was still new, I foolishly created a set of drinking games to play while watching your favorite Kdramas. (listed here . . . .  please forgive me, they probably need need a massive revamping). This got me thinking, you should probably only stick to watching Kdramas you've seen multiple times while playing the game. That cuts out a lot of possible dramas you can watch, and that's unfortunate . . .  unless, of course, you don't particularly care about remembering what happens in the drama you pick. Which then lead me and Aunnie to creating this interesting game. If you've been in the Hallyu-verse for as long as we have, I'm sure you've heard of a little variety show called . . . 

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 16 [Recap]

Greetings Fall in Love with Me fans!! Sadly we've only got 4 more episodes to our beloved series, so unfortunately that means even more crazy plots and more heartbreaks will be packed into each remaining episode. Last episode had most of use filling up the rage meter, and for those of you who still hadn't felt the need to grab the nearest pillow and chuck it at the wall . . .  well this episode will more than likely give you the extra push you need to start throwing. Lets get started shall we?