Running Man: A Drinking Game

Waaaaay back when this blog was still new, I foolishly created a set of drinking games to play while watching your favorite Kdramas. (listed here . . . . please forgive me, they probably need need a massive revamping). This got me thinking, you should probably only stick to watching Kdramas you've seen multiple times while playing the game. That cuts out a lot of possible dramas you can watch, and that's unfortunate . . . unless, of course, you don't particularly care about remembering what happens in the drama you pick.

Which then lead me and Aunnie to creating this interesting game. If you've been in the Hallyu-verse for as long as we have, I'm sure you've heard of a little variety show called . . . 

The game is very self explanatory plus it won't get you too messed up, unless you decide to watch multiple episodes in a row. Now I would recommend one thing, before starting you really should have one person stay sober if you do decide to go down the multiple episode road. That way they can dish out the shots/drinks when need be considering the challenges in Running Man can get quite intricate . . . plus they'll have a lot of fun watching you make fools of yourselves, as is the sober persons right.

Ready?? Lets begin shall we?


A drink Every Time . . .

  • Kwang Soo yells andwae
  • HaHa is referred to as a kid
  • Ace does something really smart
  • The term "Monday couple" is used
  • Jong Kook is referred to as "Tiger"
  • Kwang Soo is referred to as "Giraffe"
  • Suk Jin is referred to as Big nose brother
  • Jae Suk is referred to by one of 3 nicknames
    • (Yoo-ames Bond, Grasshopper, Yoo-ruce Willis)
  • Someone from Team Betrayal, betrays someone
  • A long drink [about 5 seconds worth] if who you picked to win the at the end of the episode loses
    • (You need to state who you believe will win at the beginning of the game)

A Shot Every Time . . . 

  • Jong Kook lets the woman win
  • Jong Kook is referred to as "Kookie"
  • A puppy's yelp/growl is associated with one of the cast
  • Pororo's theme song plays while HaHa is on screen
  • The Angry Birds theme plays while Ji Hyo is on screen
  • PD Dong Won appears in an episode while cosplaying
  • Beowulf's theme song plays while Jong Kook is on screen
  • Gary gets depressed or jealous of the male guest with Ji Hyo

And that's all we've got at the moment . . . but if you happen to think of a rule you feel we should add let us know in the comments ^-^ We'll be sure to credit you so leave your blog address if you've got one.


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