Kpop Gif Challenge!

In an effort towards being more productive on this blog, I have decided to finish as many of my incomplete posts as possible. I have so many posts in draft mode people it isn't even funny anymore. Then again I digress.....I present to you, what will be the first of (hopefully) many more posts for your reading pleasure. 

A K-Pop GIF Challenge!!

To start, go to your GIF folder. You have one I know you do. For each part choose every 5th GIF. Begin with either the 5th GIF from the bottom and then move up your list. OR start with the 5th from the top of your list, then move down. If you reach the "end or beginning" of your folder and you still have sections which you need to select GIFs for, continue with your count from the opposite side of your current location. Everyone Ready?

How you are:
Nods in agreement

How you’d react if you could meet your favorite k-pop group:
oh so very true!! 

How you act with people that also like k-pop:
YOU TOO?!!! wait--how far in are what level of fan girl are you comfortable with?

You singing k-pop:
because I probably sound horrible

You listening k-pop in a place that is not your house:
Others reactions to me

Your reaction after you realized that your favorite group will do a comeback:
Yeah that seems about right

How non-kpop fans see you.

How kpop fans see you:
My Family!!!

You at night:
not that far off actually 

What people of the same sex think of you:
I guess......

What people of the opposite sex think of you:
*dies laughing*

Seeing your bias with another girl:
I'm glad most of these that are being selected actually work.

Your love life.
Spot on

How you act as friend:
well.......I'm not one to stop them from trying

How you act when you’re impressed:
apparently I'm very critical of things I like

How your aygeo is:
SIWON!!!! *ahem* I mean........

Your hidden Super Power:
apparently I'm .... forever alone?

Your secret love:
Siwon .... don't be angry with me ...... It's the GIFs talking

How you act when you’re angry:

When you hear the voice of your bias:

You after dreaming about any kpop idol you like:
the fan-girl feelz can certainly be strong

You watching kpop on TV:
This was totally me while watching the 2017 BBMAs

Well these were all surprisingly accurate. I love reading other peoples challenges and so I decided I should do one myself. Hopefully you enjoyed this, and hopefully you now have some new GIFs to add to your own collection. Because honestly...that's the best part about reading a GIF Challenge--you are always able to find new images to add to your own personal collection.


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