Fall in Love with Me: Episode 5 [Recap]

We left off last week with Le Si, a lose shoe lace and the real Tian Xing kneeling before her in all his arrogant-knight-in-shining-armor glory, offering to help her. The preview showed a sick Xiao Lu and a very intense forehead touch . . . . I wonder how Tian Xing is going to handle his growing affection for Le Si . . . 

Firnlambe: Daydreaming about past shoe-lace tying experiences is a sure sign that you've fallen for someone my dear.

Aunnie: Called it. Just for the sake of this drama, I hope they have another scene like this after the big reveal where she can say: "Man, I should have known . . . "

Wendilynn:  She is still not quite connecting the dots.  All this did was remind her how wonderful Xiao Lu was.

Aunnie: This week's cameo: Aaron Yan's Abs . . . . . . . . . . . . I don't even know what happened in this scene, all I saw and heard was the straining of stomach muscles . . . . . . can someone fill me in?

Wendilynn: I'm not sure what happened either.  All I saw was that gorgeous body getting massaged and . . . .  um . . . what were we talking about?

Firnlambe: I hope this white lie of Tian Xing's isn't going to . . . . . *wakes up from ab induced stupor* wait . . . I was supposed to pay attention to the plot wasn't I? :attempts to re-watch the scene and pay attention: . . . . . . . *wakes up from ab induced stupor* . . . . shit, I lost focus again didn't I?

Firnlambe: Ok mom, your daughter is an adult now . . . she is more than capable of taking care of herself, you just need to trust her.

Aunnie: Hmm . . . *sadface* . . . Why do I see Le Si not being safe at some point in the future of this drama?

Wendilynn:  These mothers act like there are gangs of child stealers hanging on every corner or that guys are incapable of controlling their evil urges past 9pm.  Seriously people!

Aunnie: Hahaha! That picture . . . . had excellent resolution for being a spur-of-the-moment #selfie. I think they do make an adorable on-screen couple.

Wendilynn: I loved this picture.  To think all those fans who were upset when this pair was announced. I knew they'd be cute together.

Firnlambe: I knew this selca was gonna be adorable, now as long as Le Si doesn't see it Tian Xing should be able to stare at it whenever he feels like it. And if this picture doesn't shut all those haters up in 2 seconds flat, Aaron should just keep taking adorable selcas from the set and prove them wrong..

Aunnie: I found particular enjoyment in this scene, his facade is starting to crumble and it's entertaining to watch him try and maintain his grasp on Xiao Lu. . . . why would you say you "lived nearby"? You gotta think Tian Xing, if you're gonna keep this up! *shakes head*

Wendilynn:  He didn't plan that one out too well, did he?   What is up with people just inviting themselves over to have a party at a persons home without asking?  And the peer pressure is such that saying no is considered bad manners, even though you didn't invite anyone in the first place.  Is this a drama thing or is Asian culture really like that?  Don't get me wrong, it happens here too, but at least it's not bad manners to say no.

Firnlambe: I was asking myself the same thing. Why do they feel the need to force themselves upon someone else's home, but better yet why even say you lived near by? Did you forget that your whole Xiao Lu persona is a sham?

Aunnie: OH dear god, man, LOWER YOUR VOICE! Do you WANT to get caught? Aish . . .

Firnlambe: Aside from his voice needing to be lowered, was there really a need to take off the glasses? It's not like Uncle Fu suddenly wouldn't recognize his voice if he had kept his glasses on. That just threw me for a loop.

Wendilynn:  So, why does the super intelligent guy who can run a huge number one company can't manage to be stealthy or consider all the angles?   Oh right, then we wouldn't have a story.  lol

Firnlambe: All these misconceptions are gonna bite Tian Xing in the ass, He needs to at least let her believe Xiao Lu isn't as poor as she's lead herself to believe.

Aunnie: He also doesn't have ANY food in the fridge dearie . . . start drawing conclusions! No . . . one . . . ever does not have food in their fridge. Or at the very least condiments of some sort . . . . 

Wendilynn:  No food, doesn't know where things are . . . seriously people!!  I bet he could have used a bull horn to announce it wasn't his place and she still wouldn't have got it.  lol

Aunnie: I understand Uncle Fu's face in this scene . . . but Tian Xing looks like he's about to attack who ever is ringing his doorbell! Is this the usual way to greet guests? "Okay . . time to relax . . . *ring-ring* SOMETHING EVIL IS AFOOT!

Wendilynn:  ROFL Aunnie!!

Firnlambe:  I loved this whole scene, it was done exceptionally well. The writers were able to have so many points mixed together nicely. And in the end . . . Its a toss up between the scene pictured above and the bathroom "ghost" scene for which one I laughed at more.

Firnlambe: Nothing gets the emotional feels flowing like a food fight of love!!!

Aunnie: Stop, stop . . . what are you doing? People are starving in Africa! Not to mention you'll have to clean this all up . . . but . . . they look so cute all floured up like pre-cooked pastries . . . 

Wendilynn:  Who cares about starving people in Africa when we are building the luuuuuuuv!

Firnlambe. . . Le Si wants to . . . . Xiao Lu/Tian Xing wants to . . .  Just kiss already dammit!!! that's all us fan-girls want.

Aunnie: This is an acceptable trip, who puts a random wedge of wood on the floor like that? I was so hoping there would be a kiss but considering they haven't even held hands yet, I suppose it's too soon. Just You has spoiled me on Aaron Yan kisses. *hmpfh*

Wendilynn: I wanted that kiss so bad.  Aaron is so great to watch kiss.  Not every leading male can kiss without looking like a gorilla eating something, there's only a few who just make it look good.  *sigh*

Aunnie: Umm . . . that looks an awful lot like a diary there, Sir . . . . If you read that, she'll have one of two reactions: Anger or Forgiveness. So whichever way you plan on handling this window into her heart, you better put it to extremely good use . . . . .

Firnlambe: *static pop* Step away from the Diary sir . . . I repeat . . . step away from the Diary. *static pop* This will more than likely lead to him messing things up with Le Si. I have yet to see a male lead find a diary and put it to good use toward his female counterpart.

Wendilynn:  Maybe I'm a bad person, but I'd have opened it up and read it too.  If nothing else to find out who it belonged to.  (yeah, that's my excuse)

Firnlambe: He looked so happy until the reality of the situation he's now in hit  . . . this was probably a really humbling moment for him.

Aunnie: I think this is an important scene. Talk about feeling like you've earned your paycheck. I know he doesn't need money, but I think it's great what that money signifies for him. 

Wendilynn:  Agreed.  He worked hard, he knew that paying him was a big deal for the small company as well.  It signified so much what he was missing being part of his bigger company.

Firnlambe: I'd like to introduce everyone to the look of pure death. What was supposed to bring Le Si happiness brought him straight to hell . . . poor guy, and he started out with all smiles too.

Aunnie: And once again, Aaron makes me fall in love with his acting style cause his expressions are just fantastic! But seriously . . some of those rides, nope . . . couldn't pay me enough . . .

Wendilynn:  I don't blame him at all.  I really love that this drama allows Aaron to use all his expressions.  Most of his characters I've seen so far are rather stoic in their expressions.  I love how expressive his face is.  The dual roles allows him a lot of freedom.

Aunnie: Loved the scene, really did . . . the fireworks & excessive use of confetti were a bit too much for me . . . I know the significance of the snow and all that, I get it. Everything else before and after that was AWESOME! Good use of the diary, my friend . . . .

Firnlambe: I stand corrected. Tian Xing obviously knows what he's doing with his secret stash of insider information.

Wendilynn: Hands down a great scene. If she hasn't fallen in love with him by now, she's just not human.

Aunnie: No worries, Luv, he didn't spend a dime of his OZ paycheck, it's ok!

Firnlambe: I was gonna be worried about her if she didn't ask this question, or at least thought it. Glad to see she's not completely oblivious to what's going on around her, and that Xiao Lu gave back the diary.

Wendilynn: Remember, girl, he did tell you he wasn't poor. lol

Firnlambe*sighyou'll never find your way out of "oppa" land at this rate. Keep staring dear SLS catalyst . . . keep staring

Aunnie: . . . . . . . . . . . . . Can't decide if this is simply coincidental or completely ironic considering Aaron Yan's previous project . . . . (i.e. the aforementioned "Just You" where the entire premises revolved around a ban on office romance, this drama also starred Aaron Yan.)

Wendilynn:  Somebody is jealous.

Firnlambe: This is probably the most adorable sick face I have seen on a man in a drama thus far. If anyone can point me towards a better one I'd be glad to be proven wrong.

Aunnie: He does play a pretty pathetic looking sick person, even the hardest and coldest of hearts would want to cure this man of his illness with love and kindness. 

Wendilynn:  The tissue to stop a runny nose cracked me up.  Really Aaron?  hahahahaha!!   I couldn't help but think of how much fun this drama has been for him to do, because he gets to do so much.

Aunnie(*Literal reactions*) Wait . . . let me invade your personal space and touch foreheads to determine whether you are "burning up" and THEN I'll suggest taking your temperature? *sighs* From a medical standpoint . . . *ducks as a dish is thrown by Firnlambe* . . . . . Fine! No medical jargon . . . but seriously . . . that's the stupidest excuse to invade someones personal bubble . . . . can't fault her though, it's effective! Despite what I've said, I love this scene.  Oh the tension! *Watches as Le Si puts thermometer into his mouth* Oh MY God . . . . . *Face palms*

Wendilynn: This scene was just HOT!  and I'm not talking about Aaron's temperature.  They clearly are in love with each other.  They may not want to say so, but the rest of us are wanting Aaron to pull her into bed with him and snuggle.

Firnlambe: *cry of fury* Just admit what we already know dammit!! You can't go through a super high sexual tension scene like that, without some sort of confession in the works. If no progress comes from this scene the writers are complete idiots.

Aunnie: " . . . . Because Tian Xing, I mean, Xiao Lu, I am completely, head over heels, in love with you!" *insert wedding march* The End. Oh wait . . . dammit . . . my imagination has run off with me again. *Sigh* But seriously, she touched foreheads with you, she's been randomly touching your face all day to check temperatures and she even cooked shallots for you. Do you really have to ask??

Wendilynn:  This falls under asking obvious questions to get the other party to admit to their feelings.  Come on already, admit you like him.

Firnlambe: *face palm* Xiao Lu . . . when a woman takes care of you while you're sick (and she's only known you for a few weeks MAX) that's usually a telling sign that she's in love with you. Although, I do give him points for being straight forward with his thoughts though . . . . that's quite the rare occurrence here in drama land.

Firnlambe: YES an admission of affection!!! Granted it was subconscious, but still . . . progress has been made!!

Aunnie: Well . . this is telling . . . . 

Wendilynn:  Very telling.  He's liked her for awhile now, its about time she gets with the program. lol

Firnlambe: :Le Si's inner thoughtsWhy yes . . . yes I can . . . but only if you man up and kiss me already.

Aunnie: There had better be a kiss scene coming up after all this build up . . . but of course there won't be. I predict, he'll get super close and then someone's phone will go off and there will be an awkward moment of silence where they both think about what could have been . . . . *sigh* True Asian Drama Style . . . 

Wendilynn: Yes, I expect some good things out of the next episode. *drums fingers in frustrated anticipation*

If we thought the sexual tension was high last week, we were sorrily mistaken because this week takes the cake in sexed up silences. However, as this episode has shown us, Xiao Lu has solidified himself in Le Si's life and has even given his fake persona a home and strong happy memories with our leading lady, but next week's preview hints that he has finally realized his fatal flaw . . . . he needs her to love the real him as well. How do you think Tian Xing will convince Le Si to fall in love with his arrogant and seemingly evil counterpart? I guess we'll have to tune back in next week to find out.

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