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Fall in Love with Me: Episode 7 [Recap]

Last week we watched as Tian Xing failed miserably in trying to assert his true persona as Tian Xing into Le Si's life and it seems that in this episode, he's willing to take drastic measures to make sure that Le Si falls OUT of love with Xiao Lu and IN love with his less-than-likable other half. That is, of course, if he's able to maintain the whole charade. It seems like it's getting trickier and trickier and just maybe, his mask is slipping just enough to have one of the characters figuring out his secret. Are we ready for episode 7? Let's go! Firnlambe is on hiatus this week so hopefully Wendilynn and myself can provide a good recap for you anyway!


Comeback season is now in full swing folks. Groups will be making major efforts to win the hearts of countless fans . . . . and that means everyone should prepare yourselves before reading the rest of this blog. Reason being that the onslaught of fan-girl/fan-boy feels I am about to show you will send 95% of you into a comatose state that will last at least 1-2 mins EACH after teaser you watch.
Doubt me do you?

BTS - 2 Cool 4 Skool Single Album [Review]

Bangtan Boys . . .  better known as BTS . . .  is a rookie group that debuted June 2013, and have been garnering a lot of attention since their latest EPs O!RUL8,2? and Skool Luv Affair (I'll post more on those later here & here) For now I'll focus on their first single album "2 Cool 4 Skool"

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 6 [Recap]

Last week our leading couple shared a romantic amusement park play date and quite the steamy sick day afterwards and it all led up to a very serious question: "Can you close your eyes for a moment?" Omo, those are kissin' words, my friend! However, in this week's episode, it seems that Tian Xing will finally realize where it all went wrong...

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 5 [Recap]

We left off last week with Le Si, a lose shoe lace and the real Tian Xing kneeling before her in all his arrogant-knight-in-shining-armor glory, offering to help her. The preview showed a sick Xiao Lu and a very intense forehead touch . . . . I wonder how Tian Xing is going to handle his growing affection for Le Si . . . 

Skrillex - Dirty Vibe w/Diplo, G-Dragon from Big Bang and CL from 2NE1 (AUDIO) [Review]

Ok, so Skrillex released this collaboration Audio track with G-Dragon and CL a little over a month ago. I always meant to go and listen to it but I never got around to it. so yeah, anyways I finally got around to listening to it and well . . . . take a listen [warning . . . there are some explicit lyrics]

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 4 [Recap]

How did everyone fare on last weeks roller coaster of sappy feels . . . did everyone make it out in one piece?  Well . . . hopefully you all still have some feels left in your reserves because this week is turning out to be a doosie. 
*static crackle* Warning!! Warning!!!  The sexual tension between Le Si and her male lead is on the rise folks!!  I repeat  . . . this week has sexual tension on the rise!!!  Brace for popped personal bubbles and many an intense gaze. *static crackle*
Well . . . you heard the announcement, steady your fan-girl(boy) hearts readers as we begin this weeks episode.

New Drama: Doctor Stranger [preview]

Ok, I am ridiculously excited for this drama . . . . like so immensely I even surprised myself. DramaFever was even gracious enough to upload a subbed version of the 10:53 sneak peak that had been released. Something I don't believe I've seen a new drama actually allow for us international fans. Anyways, enough with my pre-game chatter . . . . . TO THE VIDEO!!