Comeback season is now in full swing folks. Groups will be making major efforts to win the hearts of countless fans . . . . and that means everyone should prepare yourselves before reading the rest of this blog. Reason being that the onslaught of fan-girl/fan-boy feels I am about to show you will send 95% of you into a comatose state that will last at least 1-2 mins EACH after teaser you watch.

Doubt me do you?



MA BOYS!!! I meeean . . . . . oooooo would you look at that . . TS Entertainment has a new intro graphic (Yet again)


Yes, even though I would prefer they have like 6 months off with no promotions whatsoever so they would have time to recuperate, the boys are back. While they were in the middle of their Live On Earth: 2014 Continent Tour . . . B.A.P took the time to film (what appears to be) a heart warming MV while they were in London. The music in this teaser just make me want to subconsciously smile and bob my head along with the boys in the video. This teaser just solidifies the fact that B.A.P are really trying their best for ALL their fans, not just the fans they have at home. Which makes me extremely proud to be an International-BABY (*^▽^*)

I'm also quite proud that they seem to have begun branching out into styles of music that THEY would like to attempt, instead of musical styles that TS Entertainment wants them to do. I can't wait to see this full MV, each member looks like they are super relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and that always leads to fun times in Music Video land ^-^


Where did my squishy Boyfriends go?!? Long gone is the cute and innocent with just a hint of bad-boy Boyfriend group. We welcome in a new Boyfriend era, complete with; intense camera stares, "gangsta" outfits, sleeveless shirts, tattoos galore and toned abs for all!! Personally I'm not complaining . . . are you?

Their concept this time around seems to revolve around either; A) The members are the lost boys searching to hunt down Peter Pan for hurting Wendy . . .  B) Wendy had more siblings after Michael and John. She has since been captured and her beloved siblings are on a mission to save her. or C) Wendy cheated on every past Boyfriend she's ever had in her life, but those very same men are now forced to save her life from the evil that is Peter Pan.

Hey don't look at me like that . . . . I got that all from the teaser, I'd like to hear your thoughts if you have something better figured out.


Whaaaaaaaaaat just happened? Who are these men?!?!? and what happened to my U-Kiss?! Yes they had sexual concepts before, but that was mainly just their dancing . . . and it was without any ladies so it was easier to adjust to. Example Doradora

I . . . . I wasn't prepared for this kind of teaser at all. Even with the knowledge that it was a 19+ trailer, I was not expecting Kevin, Hoon and Eli's scenes to have such a sexual presence with their female counterparts. It's a measly :21 second trailer after all, PLUS! this is the introduction for their newest member since Dongho left the group. So now I have to deal with feels from a new member on top of all the other feels that were set before me?!?!

I need time to recuperate from this . . . . 


I'll be honest . . . I'm not a huge fan of ZE:A but I'd like to grow to like this group more, so I'm glad this teaser sounds and looks very interesting to me.

The drama portion of the MV seems to have a very complex story line, I mean come on it's got a blue telephone box . . . so logically it must be the Tardis. 

Whaaat . . . . didn't anyone else jump to that conclusion? . . . no? just me? *sigh*

anyways, at least the dancing (based off what little there was in this teaser) looks like it will not disappoint . . . . but then again, does ZE:A ever disappoint us when dancing is concerned?

Topp Dogg

I've heard of this group in passing . . . but they never were able to reeeally grab my attention until this teaser. The combination of classical and hip-hop is intriguing to me. I have since listened to their other songs and I think they pull off the combination of genres quite well. For those who do not know yet, they have a song called Arario. Where they combine traditional Korean music with Hip-hop and it sounds awesome . . . so I have high hopes for AmadeuS.

Side note . . . . does anyone else see Zelo hair on a child that is clearly not tall enough to be a Zelo? Or is it just me again?


As a group I really like Big Bang. Its just when it comes to their solo work I get a bit picky. So this was another comeback I had no particular need to listen to when I heard about it BUT a new friend of mine is particularly fond of Taeyang so I'm giving him a chance.

The teaser as a whole was disappointing for me. There was no clue about what the song is gonna sound like, to me it was just sirens and what sounds like an Australian Didgeridoo, thus my interest was not peeked . . .  until his eyes had the sun in them. That was cool, and I'll listen and watch the MV because of that.

So, what't your thoughts on the upcoming comebacks . . . . are you excited or are you looking forward to someone's comeback that I didn't list (I'm sure there are a lot of groups I missed). Be sure to let me know in the comments below. I'm always open to revisiting a group I may have over looked and I enjoy being introduced to new groups


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