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Fall in Love with Me: Episode 3 [Recap]

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah that's right, Mama Kung Fu Master was about to find out that Xiao Lu is really Tian Xing. Last week we all had our predictions on  how we thought Tian Xing was going to get himself out of this predicament, now we wonder which one of us was the closest? In episode 3, we watch Tian Xing's struggle to keep his real identity secret, which has definitely become harder and harder for him to conceal. So the question is, who exactly does Le Si begin to fall for and just how far down the adorable/creepy rabbit hole is Tian Xing willing to travel to help make OZ a great advertising company.

Chad Future - Rock the World (ft. VIXX's Ravi) MV [Review]

Well, not gonna lie folks. I had NO idea who Chad Future was, or that his style of American Kpop-esque music even existed. Nor did I have the desire to figure out who this Chad Future was before this video collaboration was announced. And I'll admit, the ONLY reason I even watched this video in the first place was purely on the fact that Ravi from VIXX was guesting as the song's rapper.
So before you get to my own personal take on things, here is the video. (Aunnie, please keep an open mind when you listen to the song first)

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 2 [Recap]

Well folks, its finally posted . . . episode 2's recap. Again I'd like to thank you for being patient with me, a lot was going on these last few weeks. Anyways I'd like to welcome another member to our little Drama Club, Wendilynn from the Blog As the Kimchi Turns. Anyways enough about us, lets get on with the show shall we?

UPDATE on ~ Fall in Love with Me: Episode 2 [Recap]

Greetings!!! this is just a quick posting to anyone who may be curious about my Fall in Love with Me recap series.

I do still plan on hosting my own personal Drama Club for "Fall in Love with Me",  but due to my recent weekend  roadtrip to see B.A.P over in  the Chicago area
all my creative juice has been directed towards that massive upcoming blog post.
It's gonna be a long post complete with pictures and video clips.
I swear I'll get the episode 2 AND 3's recaps up soon Thank you for being so patient with me during this fan-girl state of mind.

Episode 2 RecapEpisode 3 Recap

The recaps are up and posted for your viewing pleasure

B.A.P Attack Concert in T-4 Hrs!!!

OK, I promised a blog post so here it is.   Warning it will be kinda boring since the concert hasn't even started yet.
Flash back to yesterday. We left our lovely homes in Minnesota around 10am

Fall in Love with Me: Episode 1 [Recap]

Greetings!! And welcome to my personal Drama Club with Aunnie for Fall in Love with Me ^-^ Over the next 30 episodes. . . that's right, I said 30 episodes . . . . I hope you'll have fun watching our leading lady, Tao Le Si, attempt to figure out who's really who, in this hilarious Taiwanese romantic comedy drama. And if she's as smart as she appears to be, it won't take her too long...

I'm calling this my personal Drama Club because, unfortunately, It looks like the real Drama Club over at Drama Fever (link above to series) will have to cancel due to member issues.

Anyways, lets begin shall we. [Spoilers . . . . you have been warned]

B.A.P Concert!

Ok, so those few of you who actually follow this blog may remember a post stating that B.A.P was coming back to the US. (Can I get a Wha-what? If you see text in green, no worries. It's just Aunnie speaking from the shadows!)
Well I'm pleased to announce thatAunnie & I are going to the Chicago (technically Merrillville) concert next week. Expect a blog w/pictures & video if I'm able to remember to capture some . . . . And if she doesn't, I will--I'm totally going to capture all the moments I can! Totally have ideas in me head about the moments I want to capture--I've even written them down in my handy-dandy Note(book) 3!