B.A.P Attack Concert in T-4 Hrs!!!

OK, I promised a blog post so here it is.  
Warning it will be kinda boring since the concert hasn't even started yet.

Flash back to yesterday. We left our lovely homes in Minnesota around 10am

Aunnie                                          Firnlambe    
Considering how late we left the Twin Cities, w got past all rush hour traffic across 4 states; MN, WI, IL and IN  (which surprised us) and so we were able get to the hotel around 7pm or so. After checking in and unpacking for the night. we decided to have dinner at T.J.Maloney's which is the Irish restaurant that is connected to the hotel.

Dinner was awesome
(I recommend you at least try this place if you are ever in the area)
and to celebrate our first K-Pop concert we had a bottle of wine. 

That was about it for yesterday. 
We stayed up for awhile to YouTube videos of B.A.P to get us pumped up for today,
 then went to sleep.

There are now about 4 hrs left until me and Aunnie see B.A.P live. 
We've checked out of our hotel (yes we crazily decided to start heading home after the concert ends) and are now just killing time at the local Starbucks after we ran some quick errands. 

Expect more pictures later in the week and possible video depending on if we can get decent footage ^-^


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