Fall in Love with Me: Episode 2 [Recap]

Well folks, its finally posted . . . episode 2's recap. Again I'd like to thank you for being patient with me, a lot was going on these last few weeks. Anyways I'd like to welcome another member to our little Drama Club, Wendilynn from the Blog As the Kimchi Turns. Anyways enough about us, lets get on with the show shall we?

Firnlambe: Ok Tian Xing, I know you wanna help Le Si, but turning on the stalker mode is not the best way to go about doing it. Though it is nice to see that his character is genuinely trying to help her, even if his pride wont let him admit to doing so.

Aunnie: I agree that it is very nice of him however, I can just envision how bad it's gonna get when she realizes who he truly is....and it isn't pretty. So I commend his behavior--aside from lying to our leading lady--but please...don't dig yourself any deeper. 

Wendilynn: Well, her little company is saving him from the ennui that he's been suffering from. And he also probably feels a sense of obligation because her brother did start him on his own journey in advertising.

Firnlambe: Second Lead dead ahead! Repeat! There is a Second Lead dead ahead!! Look alive people! we have a case of SLS (Second Lead Syndrome) inbound!

Aunnie: No-no-no-no-no....stop...stop...staaawwwppp! *clunks forehead on keyboard* Fine....I'm sure this will be more painful for us than it will be for you, Kind Sir. 

Wendilynn: And he has all the classic symptoms. Kindness, caring, understanding, steadfastness, unwillingness to be a jerk to make her notice him. What is up with these guys putting themselves in the big brother role and never getting out?

Firnlambe: This will have major significance later on, you don't just zoom in on the back of a credit card for no reason while you're in drama land.

Aunnie: This could either lead to very good things or a very bad, vengeful-spending spree for our leading lady....I'm kinda hoping on the later because our Leading man's expressions have been priceless thus far. 

Wendilynn: Nothing like a black, no limit credit card in one's wallet.

Firnlambe: Now, isn't a CEO the highest position you can reach? And wouldn't that entitle you to make decisions with out needing to consult the COO who is underneath you on the company hierarchy ladder, aka Lance.

Aunnie: That was EXACTLY what I thought when I watched this scene...pretty sure this man can do whatEVER he wants...it's why it's HIS company...

Wendilynn: So, I'm thinking we have a nasty takeover attempt in our future, what do you think?''

Firnlambe/Aunnie: Agreed.

Firnlambe: Can I kill? Pleeeeaaase!!! Not so much the girl (cuz I believe she's just too naive to realize whats going on around her) but her manager. OMG I would not have stopped walking into that elevator if I were Le Si.

Aunnie: I would have given him my best "You're joking, right?" look before waltzing right past his hand and just for spite, I would have gotten off on the same floor as them. I do like her character though. Don't get me wrong, it was hella arrogant to assume Le Si wanted a picture but still, she was all open to doing it despite her manager's expressed permission.

Wendilynn: Nothing like pretend pretentiousness. After all, if you act like you matter, you do, right?!!

Firnlambe: I may have spoken too soon about this girl. If she ruins all of Tian Xing's plans I may have the need to kill. Though I did enjoy the fact that Lance let her know about his vacation out of pure spite.

Aunnie: Oh, I'm all about this girl. Surprisingly, I've taken quite a liking to her character. I don't find her annoying in the least. Although it could just be purely because of Tian Xing's reaction to her that I find absolutely hysterical. 

Wendilynn: She is Lance's little sister, and I'm not sure if he's busy match making or just being a stinker of a little brother, harassing Tian Xing because its just fun to see him squirm. lol

Firnlambe: ok, this was a sweet moment. I hope they have her doing more of this internal thought process. 

Aunnie: I liked the scene but I hope these moments happen only sparingly throughout the show only because it breaks my heart that he's dead. 

Wendilynn: I love when the ghost of big brother shows up. He brings a calmness to our heroine and a hope that everything will be okay. 

Firnlambe: Uncle Fu (aka A-Fu) is for sure my favorite supporting character in this series thus far. The silent conversation he had with Tian Xing was brilliant, each of them had great facial expressions.

Aunnie: Yeah, I love that he just pops up out of nowhere and saves the day. I'm hoping there is a moment like that in every episode. I also love the Mom; this woman is not afraid to break as--*ahem*--I like her. 'Nuff said.

Wendilynn: I love the supporting cast. The butler and parents are hilarious! Of course, any parent who can wield a glaive should never be crossed. I love how Tian Xing is just terrified. Don't mess with mom. lol 

Firnlambe: Well that was some serious foreshadowing if I ever saw some. Hopefully Le Si will remember her fathers words when she finally figures out both Tian Xing and Xiao Lu are the same person.

Aunnie: Uh -oh...I just hope Tian Xing remembers this moment and starts working on a way to counteract this...better get working fast, Boy-o. 

Wendilynn: She's a blackbelt. Tian Xing will experience some serious bruising first. lol 

Firnlambe: And let the feelings grow!! I don't know what the fascination is with in the Asian entertainment industry, but all most all of their leading lady's feelings, tend to grow over a tied shoelace.

Aunnie: Would it sound weird if I said she looked kind of cute in the chicken costume? She donned that ridiculously thing and owned it, gotta love a woman who can do that without shame. 

Wendilynn: Its that whole "being taken care of" thing.

Firnlambe: Ok, were any of you skeptical about how Tian Xing feels towards Le Si? This scene should change that for you. You don't make someone say a "wish" and look on expectantly with out some form of feelings towards them.

Aunnie: I'm not entirely sure I like how fast their "relationship" is growing. I think the writers could have let him do all these nice things for the company as a whole for just a little longer to make it clear that he had the company's best interest at heart first--help grow that connection he felt with her brother before insinuating that he's doing it for her so quickly. Although...he's adorable when doing so, not gonna lie. 

Wendilynn: Well, he was busy working his magic and was buying time for the phone call to come in. I agree, though, he's emotionally invested in this company and in her.

Firnlambe: Welp, now if any of you were skeptical about how Le Si feels about Tian Xing, its a safe bet that based off her facial expressions and consequential actions, that there is at least some attraction towards him in her eyes.

Aunnie: Wow, if that wasn't a "Oh Crap, I'm having feels right now" face, I'm not sure what is. I'm SO glad it's for Tian Xing and not--I forgot, what is his alter-ego's name again? Eh, whatev, I'm sticking to the batman reference in my head because of Uncle Fu's alfred-like demeanor. The impending identity reveal would be worse had she started to like his Batman-persona first. 

Wendilynn: This is why I love Asian dramas, they do sexual tension like nobody else. (fans self)

Firnlambe: Uh-oh . . . how is he gonna get out of this one? It doesn't seem like he has much room for escape. Personally I'm hoping for A-Fu to show up last min and save the day yet again.

Aunnie: Honestly, either he's going to have to channel the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" disfigurement in 3 seconds flat OR Uncle Fu's radar better be up and running smoothly because I don't see a way out of this either.

Wendilynn: Yeah, the minute Mom gets that shoulder, its all over. I love the creepy, over the top humor in this scene. 

So there you go! Episode 2 in a nutshell. Now the real fun begins. Between Tian Xing trying to keep both of his alter ego's up and Le Si figuring out her budding feelings for "both" men. Episode 3 will sure to be entertaining.

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