B.A.P Concert!

Ok, so those few of you who actually follow this blog may remember a post stating that B.A.P was coming back to the US. (Can I get a Wha-what? If you see text in green, no worries. It's just Aunnie speaking from the shadows!)

Well I'm pleased to announce that Aunnie & I are going to the Chicago (technically Merrillville) concert next week. Expect a blog w/pictures & video if I'm able to remember to capture some . . . . And if she doesn't, I will--I'm totally going to capture all the moments I can! Totally have ideas in me head about the moments I want to capture--I've even written them down in my handy-dandy Note(book) 3!

You people don't understand how exciting this is. (Super Exciting!) Kpop is coming to the Midwest. And its actually a pretty massive Kpop group, now I'm not saying Boyfriend isn't Massive . . . cuz they do have their own strong following and were the first Kpop group to hit up the Midwest, but if I were to put B.A.P and Boyfriend on a popularity scale . . . B.A.P would probably come out the winner. "Probably", no no no, let's not be modest. They would win.

Both Aunnie and myself are super excited for this trip. We've got the hotel booked (which is connected right next to the concert venue) and have already started getting the merchandise we require for the show; earrings, bracelets, phone charms, Matoki light sticks . . . Aunnie is just finding this out now, but I bought us each an official whistle as well ^-^ Yaa!!! Why do you do this to me?

Now all I need to do is finalize my outfit, I'm thinking about going w/my corset a basic shirt and skirt with some killer shoes. And who knows, maybe I'll nab one of the 100 High Touch Tickets.

Because doing this
with Bang Yongguk or Zelo would most likely send me into shock
If this happened, I forsee me having to pick you up off the floor while telling Bang Yongguk/Zelo "It's ok, it's ok, I promise. I totally expected this to happen!" *Note to self, add smelling salts to backpack*

And lets be honest, you have to look awesome when meeting your favorite Kpop group.
That's just a given. Oh, agreed, agreed!


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