Fall in Love with Me: Episode 3 [Recap]

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah that's right, Mama Kung Fu Master was about to find out that Xiao Lu is really Tian Xing. Last week we all had our predictions on  how we thought Tian Xing was going to get himself out of this predicament, now we wonder which one of us was the closest? In episode 3, we watch Tian Xing's struggle to keep his real identity secret, which has definitely become harder and harder for him to conceal. So the question is, who exactly does Le Si begin to fall for and just how far down the adorable/creepy rabbit hole is Tian Xing willing to travel to help make OZ a great advertising company.

Firnlambe: Dang . . . I was hoping for Tian Xing to bust out some matrix moves to get away, not be given a saving grace by the fact that it was dinner time. That would have been hysterical.

Aunnie: . . . I was hoping he'd break out in adorable expressions that would somehow save his butt but alas . . . food, once again, proves to be quite distraction.

Wendilynn: Yeah, he was almost toast there, but its too soon for Mama to discover her nemesis in sheep's clothing. lol

Firnlambe: I'm a little disappointed with this scene, while I am secretly looking forward to Le Si finally piecing together all these damn clues Tian Xing is unconsciously leaving for her when disguised as Xiao Lu . . . I would much rather he be more smart about his disguise. Here he is after all, a supposed marketing genius, yet he can't even keep his real self in check. *rolls eyes*

Wendilynn: The clues are needed because he has to be revealed at some point. Building tension and all that... but all these conversations give Tian Xing clues on how to help the family.

Aunnie: Not at all how I took it. Besides thinking this scene was absolutely adorable, I don't think this piece of "evidence" was nearly as damning as it looked. I think it was just suppose to illustrate how in tune he is with her--regardless of which personality he was sporting at the moment. Even if he'd been Tian Xing, he would have have done the same thing--albeit, in a much more arrogant way.

Firnlambe: HA! Xiao Lu's face is priceless!!! It's even better because he's eating as normal as possible with a face that says "Please for the love of all that's good in this world . . . don't find out I'm really Tian Xing"

Aunnie: I find myself always looking for a comical facial expression whenever his characters are on screen. But I couldn't help but laugh when he spooned more noodles into his mouth and pretended to act like everything was juuuussssttt fine . . .

Wendilynn: His faces were funny. The shock when they were talking about sending him in "disguised" as Tian Xing was so funny.

Firnlambe: Hello Second Lead . . . . I'd like to introduce you to your new home . . . the friend zone.

Wendilynn: Worse...its the brother zone. You get to be loved deeply with no chance in hell of getting any nookie later.

Aunnie: Oh dude . . . You've been friend-zoned to the max . . . unlike usual though, I don't feel bad for him in the slightest. He's waaayyyy to passive of a second lead to even pique my interest in his character. Sad but true.

Firnlambe: Boo!!! While this would technically cure us of our SLS, I want her to end up with the short snarky one.

Aunnie: I think it's cute that she's got a crush but yeah, I go for snarky any time . . . but I think she'll change allegiances.

Wendilynn: I think our SL is still up a creek without a paddle. I say she will end up with the short other guy and our SL will be pining after our Se Le while ignoring his other options.

Firnlambe: Ok, this is the one time that I'm glad our leading lady is a bit dense. This could have been a SERIOUS disaster had she really paid attention to his wallet.

Aunnie: Oh . . . no good will come from her making this assumption. It fact, I see this being a serious issue later on . . . (not the wallet part but the fact that she assumes he's got no money).

Wendilynn: Just a tad. ROFL!!

Firnlambe: H . . . how will this benefit you in the long run exactly?

Aunnie: Actually, I think it's cute. Not that it will help him AT ALL once the truth comes out, but I think it's cool that if he can't motivate her at Xiao Lu, he'll do so as Tian Xing.

Wendilynn: He hurts her for a reason, though. When she is mad at Tian Xing, she stops being goofy and gets stuff done. Otherwise, she's a passive klutz to a degree. When she's pissed, she is formidable in her own way and he knows it.

Firnlambe: Aww this couple is gonna be super cute once they finally get together.

Aunnie: Gah . . did they really . . . I hate scenes like this . . . it's so cliche. Why not take a cliche and turn it into something unique like they did in Bride of the Century (i.e. the neck tie)? No woman is this conveniently clumsy.

Wendilynn: I love love love Aaron with his hair just laying down normally. You're right, both of these guys are adorable together. You know, he plays a tricky part. Comforting and supporting on one hand in one personality, and challenging her for personal growth with the other. And I bet you anything, its the Tian Xing character she is actually falling for because she spends so much time brooding about him.

Firnlambe: KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

Aunnie: I don't even . . . *laughs hysterically* No way in HELL would I drive this BUT if I saw this being driven, it'd probably make my whole week.

Wendilynn: I give her car a 0 on stealth. You can see that level of creepiness coming a block away . . . . . . unless one is dreaming about their ex-girlfreind while driving to the rendezvous point.

Firnlambe: I knew she would cause trouble! Thank goodness Uncle Fu is at the ninja level of butlers and was able to come up with a lie on the spot.

Aunnie: Is--Is he one hell of a butler? *claps self on back for making a successful Black Butler joke* Anywho . . . I find her character adorable and not in the least annoying. Plus, I kind of get a kick out of how embarrassed she makes Tian Xing.

Wendilynn: Granted, Huan Huan is pure and child-like, but that "you smell right" thing is just creepy. Having all those house keys also was wrong. What is wrong with people thinking they have a right to do that?

Firnlambe: You would think Le Si would have noticed sooner that Auntie Jing was not entirely fit to be filming. But then again, she doesn't even notice how easily she accepts Xiao Lu's arm around her shoulder.

Aunnie: In light of the "I shall eat this Shallot for you" scene I find the "arm around the shoulder" thing to be exactly up their alley, as far as how close they've become is concerned.

Wendilynn: How can we have close loving moments without sick grandmas?

Firnlambe: So do these drama companies have nurseries of adorable children at their disposal? First the chubby cutie from Emergency Couple, then it was baby Choi from Bride of the Century and now its this little cutie?!?! My heart can't take all this adorableness. I did really like this scene though, super touching. It honestly brought tears to my eyes

Wendilynn: No kidding. I also thought of the adorable munchkin from Bride of the Century when I saw this kid. That smile just makes you want to kiss those cheeks.

Aunnie: I would have cried . . . if I hadn't found it so cheesy. This was actually too much for me to believe in--even in Dramaland. The kid is cute though.

Firnlambe: Hopefully this is good news, I'm a little skeptical because of next episodes preview.

Aunnie: Oh no, it's terrible news. At first I thought it was phone calls for more jobs being offered to them but . . . no, there's too much devastation on each one of their faces to truly believe anything good came from those phone calls--call me glass half empty. But next week's preview . . . oh . . . super excited!

Wendilynn: Nothing like one good advertisement to bring in more clients especially when you can convince legendary retired actresses to do them.

Omo! How is that for a cliffhanger? . . . . wait, Cliffhangers?!? but its only episode 3 . . . right? Ok, so let's do the count up--One very good save from Uncle Fu (a.k.a. Taiwan's version of Alfred), 3 identity crises', and how many adorable Aaron Yan expressions did we see? yeah we lost count too . . . but my goodness, there were a lot of feels during this episode. Which moment did everyone enjoy more?

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