About Me

Greetings fellow Hallyu fans!

I'm just your average 28 year old woman who's become (much to the dismay of those around her) obsessed with Asian Dramas . . .

Whether its a Korean, Taiwanese, or a Japanese drama--I prefer the Asian outlook on entertainment, which I find much more gratifying than that of my home country.

This rapid downward spiral actually started from reading manga and watching anime. I love both hobbies and used to be extremely active in reading or watching new anime. I have since stopped really keeping up with the new series, but I still read the big three (Bleach, Naruto and One Piece) and I am still an avid reader of one of my favorite Shoujo series, Skip Beat! Which is actually what lead me to really fall down the black hole that is Asian Dramas.

Towards the end of 2011 I had heard through the internet grapevine--that there was going to be a live  Taiwanese adaptation of the series, titled Extravagant Challenge. I was SUPER excited! I love this manga, and I loved the Anime--so I thought the Drama would be amazing. I wasn't disappointed. It was everything I had hoped it would be, granted it was a little corny at times . . . but I believe that was because, in order to stay true to the manga, some artistic animation was required.

Believe it or not, Extravagant Challenge was actually not the first drama I watched. My actual gateway drama was--like probably most of you--Boys Over Flowers. I watched that back in November of 2009, thanks to the wonder that is DramaFever. That series is also based off a manga titled Hana Yori Dango.

Now, I mentioned that Extravagant Challenge was the drama that really cast me into the depth of the Black Hole called "Asian Dramas"--I contribute this fact to Choi Siwon. He had been cast as one of my favorite characters from the series, Ren, so I rapidly developed a sense of curiosity about who he was. This  in turn lead me to Oh! My Lady, where I learned Siwon was in fact a member of a boy group called Super Junior. 

I remember seeing their MV Sorry, Sorry back in 2009--but I had only seen it once. I remember enjoying the music, and being curious as to who this group (with 12 members) was, but I had soon forgotten about the whole viewing . . . probably due to the fact that I was distracted by my Anime and Manga.

Anyways, I'm always looking for new dramas or movies to explore--as well as new music, so feel free to let me know which ones are your favorites and I'll be sure to check them out if I haven't already done so on my own ^-^


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