Chad Future - Rock the World (ft. VIXX's Ravi) MV [Review]

Well, not gonna lie folks. I had NO idea who Chad Future was, or that his style of American Kpop-esque music even existed. Nor did I have the desire to figure out who this Chad Future was before this video collaboration was announced. And I'll admit, the ONLY reason I even watched this video in the first place was purely on the fact that Ravi from VIXX was guesting as the song's rapper.

So before you get to my own personal take on things, here is the video.
(Aunnie, please keep an open mind when you listen to the song first)

Well mixed feelings are mixed . . . . on one hand I really, REALLY like the beats in this song. Like, I honestly get goosebumps. It's ridiculously catchy, and it grew on me rapidly. And I of course love Ravi's rap section. It amused me that he still has his self introduction (like we don't know his name is Ravi), but the video itself was
  . . . . 


Well lets see, we have a combination of BAP's set from warrior and LC9's set from Mama Beat, complete with grungy car lots filled with gangster like Asians who like to break the car windows via sledge hammer. Throw in a few of the traditional dancers from Kim Hyun Joong's Unbreakable add in some of J.J Abrams' Star Trek lens flares and you've got this video scheme nailed.

I think Chad still isn't completely comfortable in front of the camera (not saying he's "bad" while he's in front of it, its just a little awkward to watch). But OH EM GEE guys, Ravi's little video quips when they sing "whoo" around :49 are absolutely ADORABLE!!! . . . . . . but now lets address a more serious issue, Ravi's coordinator. Whoever this person is, needs to never dress him in this "gangster" style ever again. Bandanna dread locks underneath a beanie cap is not what I would call acceptable attire. Keep him in the backwards baseball cap please.
*cough cough*

Now as much as I found this video to be leaning towards the awkward line a bit . . . it was nice to see that Ravi, who was flown all the way from S. Korea into LA for this I might add, looked like he was honestly having a lot of fun filming. And Chad really did try to have Ravi featured with a decent amount of screen time considering it is HIS music video, not Ravi's.


Like I said before, this song has ridiculously catchy undertones and beats. The first time I watched the video I was kinda distracted by, well, the video (understandable right) so I needed to listen to the song again, and I love it . . . I've actually been repeating the video in the background while writing this post just so I can listen to the song.

Yes there were parts of Chad's lyrics which I still feel are awkward ("gonna shake your damn butts" . . . really Chad?). But lets be honest here, have you read some of the lyrics out there in Kpop land? :cough: EXO's Wolf :cough: . . . Chad even threw in random Korean words while he was singing, which is awesome since usually all I hear are English words thrown in at random during Korean songs. Plus, you know, it was nice to have the Kpop vibe from a song and still be able to understand the lyrics without having to ask the Google Gods for answers (Ravi's part not withstanding).

Speaking of Ravi's part, his "안녕" (annyeong) intro was great. He also had his normal "Ravi" moment and was very true to his usual rap breakdowns, so song wise I had nothing to complain about from his section of the song.

So basically in regards to this MV and Song

If you don't like it . . . then don't instigate fan wars, simple right?
It's not worth it and honestly, it makes you look like an idiot (that's right, I said it). 

This song is Mastered by Legendary Engineer Tom Coyne (Jay-Z, Usher, BigBang, 2NE1) and Co-Written by Drew Ryan Scott (Girls Generation, EXO) and I've read that Aron from NU'EST is gonna be the next artist to collaborate with Chad. Which should say volumes to all you haters about the support Chad is receiving from both the Korean and American music industries. So I'm looking forward to that.

My end results
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Mixed feelings are no longer mixed.
by the end of writing this post I've grown to absolutely adore this song. 
Still not completely sold on the MV though


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