Skrillex - Dirty Vibe w/Diplo, G-Dragon from Big Bang and CL from 2NE1 (AUDIO) [Review]

Ok, so Skrillex released this collaboration Audio track with G-Dragon and CL a little over a month ago. I always meant to go and listen to it but I never got around to it. so yeah, anyways I finally got around to listening to it and well . . . . take a listen [warning . . . there are some explicit lyrics]

Not a bad track
The beats are nothing less than what I would expect from a Skrillex track. Not something I would personally purchase, but that doesn't make it any less of an awesome song. The beats are strong and immensely catchy, its something I would definitely listen to when I want a change of pace from my normal Kpop selection. 

The part that would surprise most people, excluding Blackjacks and VIP's (2NE1 and BigBang fans respectively), is how clear both G-Dragon and CL's English actually is. You can tell though that G-Dragon defiantly has the stronger accent between the two of them but it's still clear and concise, with not much room for the classic misinterpretations Kidols usually tend to attract with their sometimes strong accents.

To me the best part of this entire track is by far CL's solo at 1:45. I'm not saying G-Dragon's solo's at 0:12 and 2:36 are bad, I just prefer CL's rap style. She really just lets loose, all while singing everything in perfect English (with only a few words in Korean unlike G-Dragon who threw more Korean in his raps). She comes across strong, powerful and confidant with lyrics that don't feel the need to drop F-bombs in order to get her point across. She also probably has the BEST line out of the who song during the section where G-Dragon and CL start rapping back and forth around 2:12 . . . towards the end of the section (2:29) she says "What? you ain't know? I'm your girls lesbian crush" Oh man, I honestly almost died laughing the first time I heard that. She's popular with both males and females and she knows it.

So yeah, end verdict is
. . . . . . 

I would have liked to give them 5/5 stars based off the song but the amount of swearing G-Dragon contributes to the song really irks me for some reason. So I'm docking the song 1 star in my book.


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