Fall in Love with Me: Episode 7 [Recap]

Last week we watched as Tian Xing failed miserably in trying to assert his true persona as Tian Xing into Le Si's life and it seems that in this episode, he's willing to take drastic measures to make sure that Le Si falls OUT of love with Xiao Lu and IN love with his less-than-likable other half. That is, of course, if he's able to maintain the whole charade. It seems like it's getting trickier and trickier and just maybe, his mask is slipping just enough to have one of the characters figuring out his secret. Are we ready for episode 7? Let's go!

Firnlambe is on hiatus this week so hopefully Wendilynn and myself can provide a good recap for you anyway!

Aunnie: Yes . . . but no one in this room has lied quite as spectacularly as you have . . . and I mean that in the worse possible sense. Granted, even though this whole scene was highly unbelievable, he pulled off a very good presentation.

Wendilynn:   He pulled off an amazing presentation.  But oh boy, the lying this boy has been doing.  And I'm sorry, there is no way I'm buying that anyone can transform with a new do and suit from a store in 5 minutes.

Aunnie: I understand artistic liberties . . . but . . . that's definitely walking a very thin line . . . I agree.

Aunnie: He knows!!!! Or . . . suspects . . . something . . . This is foreshadowing at it's best. I suspect Leo will put the pieces together faster than Le Si and will either 1) Warn him off saying "Get out of her life" or 2) Burst Tian Xing's identity bubble at the most humiliating time possible, perhaps right in front of Le Si? I'm going with the former though because Leo doesn't seem to be very cruel. Seems like Tian Xing took one step too far . . . 

Wendilynn:  Leo is not cruel, so I think its a warn off because he won't want Le Si to hurt. 

Aunnie: I'm not a psychiatrist or anything but . . . either Tian Xing/Xiao Lu is having a mental breakdown or his subconscious is trying to tell him something 'cause under no circumstances should you be talking to yourself as if you are two separate people. Tian Xing, I think this is a sign that you need to shelve Xiao Lu permanently . . . and soon.

Wendilynn:  This was an excellent scene. Very well done and really shows the conflict he's under between the likable Xiao Lu and the unlikable Tian Xing.  Which persona should he keep?

Aunnie: Honestly, I much prefer the gentle Xiao Lu over the arrogant Tian Xing.

Wendilynn:  Seems like a no brainer to me, too. 

Aunnie: I think it's interesting how much these glasses mean to Tian Xing/Xiao Lu--I know we've been making Batman references up until now but Tian Xing really has a Superman-type identification crisis with these glasses. Can't lie, I did a little happy dance when he finally put them down and decided to put aside Xiao Lu . . . even if temporarily.

Wendilynn:  It was sort of heartbreaking though.  I felt really sort of sad for him.

Aunnie: First off, I think this was very smart of Tian Xing--great way to kind of push his way into Le Si's life without seeming stalker-ish and showing up wherever she happens to be BUT if he wants to make himself seem MORE appealing than his very appealing other half, he really needs to tone down the arrogant and condescending personality of Tian Xing.

Wendilynn:  Just a little. I'd happily ring Tian Xing's neck and I know what's going on.  He really needs a good butt whooping.  On the other hand,  it was a good idea to get involved this way.  I don't see Lance taking this very well though.

Aunnie: Ouch . . . I bet that stung just a little bit. Although, I'm kind of happy that she didn't have a reaction towards his arrogant butt-like personality because otherwise he'd probably continue on his annoying way so a least he's got this as an eye opener for him to start acting right.

Wendilynn:  Busted ego . . . party of one.  lol   He sooo deserved that.

Aunnie: And thus begins the awkward distancing we've allllllll been waiting for. It did kind of break my heart how heartbroken he looked after she walked out of the room and how heartbroken she felt at home.

Wendilynn:  This is not going to be easy.  I like watching his conflict between what he feels and what he feels he needs to do to set things right.  Its just a big mess.

Aunnie:  Whuuut is going on here? Seems our leading man has a history with trains . . . could this be why it seems he has no parents--besides Uncle Fu, I mean. Hmm . . . I'm curious as to what happened.

Wendilynn: I was NOT expecting him to have post-traumatic stress disorder.  That caught me totally off guard.  However, its an excellent story arc that allows Le Si to develop compassion for Tian Xing, which up to this point, she's had none.  You can't start liking a guy until they touch your heart in some way and lets face it, Tian Xing has done nothing that would do it.

Aunnie: I don't know how I feel about this scene. On one hand, it's touching and you can see where she starts to see him as someone other than an arrogant mess but on the other hand, the look on her face is like "What the hell do I do now? I'll just wait til he lets me go." Which isn't very comforting at all. I don't know, I'm on the fritz about this one. Wendilynn, what do you think?

Wendilynn:  I thought it was awesome.  As I mentioned before, there has been no opportunity for her to have a soft spot for his arrogant butt.  This was a much needed touch so that she could feel that he needs her.  She now knows something very private and personal.

Aunnie: " . . . And you're going to hear me Raw---" Oh wait . . . sorry . . . Me thinks Leo is starting to wake up and smell the seduction because he seems to be infinitely less okay with Aaron Yan's characters in this episode. Which, Go You! Cause I'm not going to feel bad for someone who openly lets his "love" be taken away.

Wendilynn:  About time.

Aunnie: There really is only one response to this:

Wendilynn:  hehehehehe . . .  it occurs to me that Tian Xing can challenge Leo on an alpha male level that Xiao Lu cannot. Mind you, Xiao Lu is so sweet and supportive, he sneaks in on his own, but for just on male dominance . . . you have to play Tian Xing.

Aunnie: Good observation, I never even thought of that . . . 

Aunnie: Woot, go Leo. In for the kill . . . 

Wendilynn:  I just giggled watching this. So funny.

Aunnie: I love his little shrug like . . . "It just happened"

Wendilynn:  Nonchalantly saying, "Whaaaaat?"   I love the faces of these two guys. So much is told between them.

Aunnie: Best.Photobombing.Ever.

Wendilynn:  Absolutely! bwhahahahahaha!!

Aunnie: I feel like I would know if two neanderthals were fighting behind me like this . . . how does she not realize this?

Wendilynn:  Especially with best friend watching it all from behind.  And yes . . . no way you can hide all the grunting that would be going on.

Aunnie: Not that it mattered 'cause Miao Miao won in the end anyway. I love how she dropped it right in front of the boys two like "Look, see . . . now let's move on"

Wendilynn:  She rocks. hahahaha!  Its like, "Will you two grow up?" 

Aunnie: I love Leo's eyes as he watches it fall and then gives an evil glare to Tian Xing

Aunnie: I really do hate SLS's but I'm glad that Leo is at least fighting back now. The puppy dog eyes only work for so long.

Wendilynn:  Agreed. Leo needed to step up his game.

Aunnie: I understand why this scene needed to be here, I truly do. But I can't help but feel like she's being totally unfairly oblivious here. She's telling her OLDEST friend that her NEW friend feels like an OLD friend . . . like . . . it's borderline rude to me. I mean, look at his face! He's like "Really . . . "

Wendilynn: Watching Leo's heart break was not fun. I'm sure he also understands that she views him like a brother instead of potential lover. Even if it stabs a little.

Aunnie: Another awesome scene where Tian Xing shelves the arrogrant attitude and actually helps out. I think Oz could learn a lot from . . . whatever the name of his company is . . . so long as Tian Xing curbs the attitude. This also just goes to show how professional Leo is--willing to put aside his hate for his "love enemy" to do a good job.

Wendilynn: They are professionals. It was nice to see them acting like it. However, Lance was watching the whole time and picked up on some nuances he really didn't need to know about.

Aunnie: And yyyeeesssss. Loved this. Even though I know why he's doing it, I just appreciate the fact that someone put this girl back in the right mindset. You need to focus on the well-being of Oz and not the fact that you've fallen for this guy. But once again, I do feel terrible for both of them and how much this scene hurt both of them.

Wendilynn: Getting her head in the right spot has been what Tian Xing has done well the whole series. You can tell however, that he likes playing Xiao Lu. There is a relaxed sincerity that is comfortable. You can see how much he just wants to hold her instead of pushing her away so she'll focus on Tian Xing. I love all the face work Aaron is doing in this series. He face speaks volumes.

Aunnie: Ahhh . . . yes, please explain--in DETAIL--what the second point is! I have been waiting for Aaron Yan kisses this WHOLE drama and the last one he did was . . . not even remotely sexy. If we get denied a kiss, I'll scream!

Wendilynn: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss . . . . . . I love Aaron's lips, that they haven't been kissing anyone is a serious dereliction of duty. lol

Despite all his efforts, it doesn't look like Tian Xing is making any headway in having Le Si fall in love with him--not even his panic attack was able to chill the Xiao Lu-themed glacier around her heart, not by much anyway. Is Leo beginning to figure it out? Just what happens at the party that makes Le Si want to cry and just why does Tian Xing's employee warn Le Si to stay away from Tian Xing? Looks like Lance is going to start putting up a fight to win their CEO back. Tune in next week to find out what happens!

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  1. Thank you for your recaps, they are fun to read. I enjoy watching this drama, although, I have to admit that all the convenient falling and rescuing and repeating that shot 10 times in 10 different angles is annoying me at the moment. It's bad that the everyone in this drama has a bad balance or super-reflexes, but to see this repeated endlessly is even worse.
    I love Aaron Yan in this, he really carries this drama with all his expressions. I tried watching Just You, but I stopped after, I think, the third episode, because it felt really slow to me, however, I am considering to pick it up again for Aaron. Does it the pacing get better?

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the reaps ^-^

      Oh the pacing in "Just You" picks up a lot . . . . I don't remember the exact episode, but probably around episode 6 or so--its been a while since I've watched that one.


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