The top 5 Kidol's you didn't see THIS coming from

I know I've done a few posts here and there, but none of them really had a "theme" for me to work with. Actually I'm fairly sure they were all Album reviews . . . oh and my absolutely deplorable attempt at creating a drinking game around my beloved Kdramas.

*note to self* Stick to pre-made games . . . . seriously, those posts (1 , 2 & 3) need to be either deleted or have some serious overhauls done to them. ::ahem::

Annnnny waaaay . . . I've decided to retry this whole blogging thing after seeing my friend Aunnie really get into it over on her blog, Aunnie's World.

I'm going to take a moment, before getting to the crux of today's topic, to mention the different kinds of "groups" that start forming with-in the Hallyu-verse. I'm going to try to not go into too much detail on those I single out . . . However, I will throw in a delightful collection of corresponding pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure.


First up in the "grouping list" we have the

  "Aegyo Kings"

These are the cute ones in every group, (some solo artists as well I suppose) I call them "Aegyo Kings" because they can pull off the cute image with out trying. You know who they are, these are the men who will forever be in the hearts of the fan-girls, they can do no wrong in the eyes of their fans thanks to the craze that is Aegyo.

Yoseob (B2ST)
awww look at him trying to be all serious . . . . . You can't fool us Yoseob, we all know

(be sure annotations are on for subs)
Is hiding behind that stoic face of yours ^-^ This man is the best of the best when it comes to male aegyo. I have yet to find someone who's better at it than him.

. . .
I just thought of an awesome blog segment!

The "Anything you can find, I can find better!" segment!

Your first mission . . .  Find me someone who can preform aegyo better than Yoseob. There are only 2 rules: The person preforming the aegyo must be male, (although he is allowed to preform it w/a female). and It has to be a form of aegyo that is not Gwiyomi.

Leave a link to the video of your choice in the comments below. If I think the video you chose obviously beats Yoseob, I'll make a background of your choice (limit up to 2 bias in the photo) it can be for either your computer or as a twitter background. and worry not, Yoseob is nowhere near my top bias list . . . so I will be completely fair whilst judging 

Lee Hong Ki (FT Island)
while he may have a totally different presence while on stage,
Hong Ki defienatly has an adorable presence in normal life,
be it behind the scenes or during his variety shows appearances

Wasn't that adorable! It's particularly funny because he tried to get out of it by having Mina preform it first, more than likely thinking she wouldn't know how (even though she speaks fluent Korean, she's Japanese) you can see his facial expressions change from laughter . . . to despair at a rapid rate

Next we have the
"You must be blind if you don't notice the gallons of charm & charisma oozing off this man

You know who they are . . . these are the men in the Kscene that even at first glance, you know that if a group of them gather together they're all thinking the same thing . . .

"Which one of us can make more girls 
go into a dazed stupor just by merely 
glancing in their general direction?"

Kim Hyun Joong 

Acting? singing?( was the leader of SS501...when they were still together) overall charm? 
. . . . 
Basically this man has it all.

plus, as an added bonus, he can pull off the sexy vibe quite well
 Ugh . . . so not fair 

Hyun Bin
 again . . . . superb actor, decent singer and excellent looks

And now, onto the

"Comedics for Life


These men will forever be in this category, no matter what they may end up doing. Be it a serious drama, having a role in a serious film, or having a role that is intended to only be serious. When you see these men and you automatically see their funny image, which then you have to promptly then try to forget, so you can concentrate on their current role. 

I'm not kidding, these men don't have to try and they are hysterical! Definitely more power to them for owning their image.

Kim Sung Oh (actor)
I've known him mainly for his role in Secret Garden
as Hyun Bin's very entertaining secretary,
but he was also in the 2011 movie The Tower,
where he played a somewhat comical character as well

  sadly I couldn't find any decent clips of him acting in a drama or movie so this will have to do

Lee Kwang Soo (actor)

This man is seriously my favorite comedic actor ever . . . . he's awesome, but after watching him on the variety show Running Man he is a prime example of how hard it is to take him seriously while he is in a serious role.

 . . . .
The Giraffe will always be the Giraffe

Next we have the

"I scream sex appeal"


These men don't even have to try and their sex appeal just seeps out into everything they do.

Daniel Henney (actor)
Despite speaking no Korean, Henney became a household name through the popular 2005 K-drama, My Lovely Sam Soon where he played the role of Dr. Henry Kim, a surgeon who is devotedly in love with Hee-jin (Jung Ryeo-won) He later learned the language and appeared on a few variety shows, such as Family Outing.

The following segment from arirangtoday gives you a little more insight to what Daniel is currently working on

T.O.P (BigBang)
Known mainly as one of the main rappers for the K-pop group Big Bang, T.O.P also has quite a few acting gigs under his belt, Iris  and  I Am Sam  just to name a few

Sadly I couldn't find any decent clips of his acting, so this MV will have to suffice. 
Just forgive the excessive "sexy ladies" and focus on T.O.P as best you can

I think T.O.P's facial expressions are what's most attractive about him . . . I don't know, it just seems like you can sense that he  knows, you  know, he's attractive

Then its the

"I'm beautiful without even trying"


These men can make you feel copious amounts of shame just by breathing. Seriously, I'm not kidding, these men look like they could have walked right out of the pages of a manga/manhwa. Perfect bodies, fabulous sense of style, great skin (that almost any woman would kill for), its hard to surpass these men when it comes to their looks.

JaeJoong (JYJ)
 This is his fashion to and from the airport . . . . . the airport!! A place where, usually normal people tend to dress casually because they want to be comfortable while traveling. Yeeeeah, apparently this is a foreign concept to him. because, Jaejoong instead uses his time while in the airport not to relax, but to conduct his own personal fashion shows.

Though to be fair, when you look like
under all the clothes, it would be kinda hard
to not  "dress to impress" whenever you step foot outside.
. . . . .
I'm just saying
. . . . .

Ren (Nu'est)
Do not be fooled!!!
That was no woman!
That, dear readers, is 100% male.

He just looks ridiculously gorgeous when he has long blonde locks. Combine that with his perfect facial features, and every woman is sure to be jealous. You know the man has got to have some serious skills if he keeps this look up all on his own. He probably should just do those of us who are not quite so skilled when it comes to keeping up our appearances a favor and upload some tutorials. You know, bestow his superior beauty guru knowledge onto those who need it.

Well now that I've talked about the core "groupings" that tend to be established in the Hallyu-verse, we can finally get the the main focus of this whole post.

"Idols with a twist

You know the following men . . .

Taecyeon (2PM)
One of the lead rappers for the group 2PM, as well as one of the front runners for the "I scream sex appeal" group, Taecyeon is one of those men who is a powerhouse when he's on stage. He's got a stage presence that's packed full of talent, charm and overall charisma, 

And his looks 
. . .

. . . well I think that's pretty self explanatory, now isn't it

G-Dragon(Big Bang)
 One of the main rappers for the group Big Bang, GD is also a very well known songwriter, dancer, lyricist, producer, model, and endorser, as well as a massively well known icon for fashion within the industry. The man is virtually a hallyu prodigy.

now, this is typical behavior that we expect to see from GD . . . .
 quirky, bizarre, yet still holding onto the hip-hop scene

if the previous video wasn't bizarre enough for you,
here is his most current MV

Minho (SHINee)
Look at that face! So adorable! Minho is the type of idol who always puts his best into everything that he does and I mean ALWAYS. It's very rare were this man isn't excelling at what he sets out to do. whether it's learning to high jump for his drama or dancing on stage for all the loyal Shawols.
The above video sums up who Minho is pretty well and lets face it . . . it's just too damn cute!

Ryeowook (Super Junior)

One Super Junior's main vocalists, Reyowook has this ability to make you smile no matter what he's doing.

::sigh:: the man is a super cutie.

Lee Seung Gi (solo act)

Lee Seung Gi is, in my opinion, the ballad KING. His voice is just one of those which are suited only for the ballad genre . . .which isn't saying that he can't sing other genres, he's just better at the softer tones. He is also the man mothers wish their daughters could marry. He's witty, gentle, kind, surprisingly funny and ridiculously smart.

(if his appearance on many variety shows is anything to show for it)

This man seriously snuck up almost to the top of my idol list
not only is he funny, he interacts well with children
. . . .
. . .
. .
Don't tell Siwon he's got some competition

But do you really know them? sure they portray their given images perfectly . . . but that's just a front. These men have a side to them that most of you probably would never expect out of them in a hundred years. Don't believe me?  ㅋㅋㅋ Well then . . . . follow me in my quest to destroy every given K-idol image that I can find.

First up in my not so noble quest to destroy every current image of your favorite K-idol

Taecyeon (2PM)
Taecyeon . . . ohhh Taecyeon The underdog of 2PM when it comes to being adorably cute.Typically when you think of this group, you more than likely think of Nichkhun or Wooyoung . . .  right?!? WRONG! This is very surprising given the usual presence he has on stage

Just watch and see for yourself

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

OK . . . . so, this is kind of a cheat I know, but if you don't really follow Big Bang  and all you do is just watch their MV's, this is an image you probably haven't really seen before.
look at that face!!! who knew that such a cutie was hiding behind that bizarre exterior

Minho (SHINee)

The youngest of the 5 men listed, Minho is more and more being known for his  "flaming charisma"
. . . . .
Yet, being the youngest isn't stopping him from turning noona head's everywhere, with a 
"wait . . . was that . . . . It was . . . but when did . . . WHO IS THAT MAN IN FRONT OF ME?!? and why is he not the cutie I know and love?!
. . . . . 

I can't say I didn't see this progression coming . . . going from a cute lovable boy to this intense man what I didn't  see coming was Minho accomplishing this feat solo. Now I'm not saying (by any means) that the other members are lacking in the "intense" department. I just know for a fact that Jonghyun does his solo with his torso completely bare. . . . like COMPLETELY bare.

And I just don't see the rest of the group taking the same strides to boost everyone's mature imagery to the extend that they've done with Minho

Ryeowook (Super Junior)

I think I'll just let the video speak for its self here

soooo where did my cute wookie go? o.O when did he get replaced with this sexual vibe producing man?! I demand answers!! Answers I SAY! Seriously ladies . . . . did you see this one coming? Cuz I'm 100% positive that what you just watched totally hit me out of nowhere. There I was listening to my new(just purchased off iTunes) SS4 live tracks, when I notice an surge of rabid fan-girl screams in the background noise. So, like any normal E.L.F, I quickly check to verify who's singing, then proceed to visit the YouTube Gods and find fan footage.

Dear God almighty . . . . this . . . . this was like all the members of Super Junior just decided one morning, before the very first SS4 performance that it would be fun to neurologically destroy all of their loyal E.L.F. Not with a  Donghae & Eunhyuk piece, or even a Leeteuk piece but with something no E.L.F would even fathom
 . . .
Thus, via one mere 3:32 solo act, successfully
terminating every coherent brain function within viewing distance,
. . . . . . . . .
only they decided to use a more unorthodox way of doing so
. . . . .
. . . . .
sexual vibes?

Lee Seung Gi (solo act)
No longer just the King of ballads,  Lee Seung Gi has dabbled into the ever mysterious  sexy dance zone. This is a zone that will prove to be quite fatal  to Lee Seung Gi fans everywhere



Ummm . . . .  so many questions after watching that Where is the cute variety show MC that we know and love? where did my king of ballads go? when did this intriguing transformation take place? and why the heck is he not exploiting said transformation more often!?! I mean the man can dance . . . granted he's not the best  dancer (by any means) but he's better than most ballad focused singers I've seen.

Here is a different view of just the last dance for those who'd like to see

so, there you have it . . . one MASSIVE blog to kick things off, and thats with the bare minimum words on some sections Here I thought, oh! this idea will be easy . . . dear Lord was I wrong. This entry easily took me at least 2-3 weeks  to whip into the glorious monstrosity you see above you. Not only did it take forever, im fairly certain that it went through at least 2-3 different variations along the way.  well, now that I more than likely just made your brain explode let me restore the cute factor
. . . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .

skip to 1:50 for just Kim Hyun Jung's solo

The best part about this clip . . . is hands down, the end when you see how he was able to get through making this fan service video. You'll understand what I mean when you see it.


  1. Ahh my friend, that was a monstrosity! However, very, very enjoyable to read. I especially love the Siwon "huh?" apparently need to up my game. Blog War commences now...What should my next Kscene blog be about...hmmm...I shall think about this while you're away this weekend!


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