Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 2 [Recap]

Welcome Journalists, to the second episode of The Nightwatchman's Journal. Join Aunnie, Wendilynn, Taleena, Miri and myself as we discuss the multitude of theories that this episode provided. We cover everything from; possessions via mist, royalty gone crazy, creepy ghosts as well as revisiting the scientific significance of . . . cuppybowls? . . . Read on for a post that's sure to make you laugh. (we apologize for the lengthy entry. What can we say other than . . . cuppybowls . . .)

Firnlambe: This drama is definitely shaping up to be a top runner for my favorite drama out of the 2014 collection.

Aunnie: Pretty sure this drama will be my most memorable by far, if only because I’m doing this with all of you.

Miri: I agree!

Taleena: Alright. First order of business: Who else wants a bracelet made of giant jingle bells? It would be like your own personal mental sleigh ride every day. That being said, Evil Red Mist helping grow the flower, while a mostly dead (which means slightly alive) body floats in the river below. I know I always check for bad guys before I do anything involving my mojo.

Firnlambe: ok . . . it's never a good sign when creepy red evil energy decides to make it's way from one carrier to another.

Aunnie: Me thinks you should report that shit right away like “This MAY or MAY NOT have the desired outcome, my neck got a bit tingly and this red mist floated around the flower. That’s never happened before but something tells me that wasn’t suppose to happen.”

Miri: Is that supposed to happen? I’m mean I would be sort of freaking out if I were this shaman.

Aunnie: Yeah, same here except . . . Im assuming this isn’t her first rodeo and she’s a bit crazy anyway .

Wendilynn: So much wrong with this scene. I was really hoping she wasn’t evil, but this cemented that all was not right with the world.

Firnlambe: Epic foreshadowing in . . . 3 . . 2 . . 1!! *singsong voice* Who thinks this bracelet will bring Do Ha and the Prince together in the eeend? I do!

Aunnie: Are we to assume that this King is NOT aware that he’s been hijacked? Oh, and I agree about the bracelet.

Firnlambe: I don't believe he's actually been hijacked yet.

Miri: Of course Do Ha is going to be the plucky heroine while palace girl is going to be the scheming political mistress her father raised her to be. So is palace girl going to wed broody displaced prince while Do Ha marries Rin? I think so, but as Shakespeare said he path to true love never runs straight and Koreans (and Americans) love twisty paths!

Aunnie: Pardon my language, but eff that. Koreans take plot twists to a WHOLE new level . . . like . . . than ever before seen in cinema.

Taleena: Never did run SMOOTH. Got to unbunch the Shakespeare panties here. Of course the poor but virtuous girl is our heroine! We have some classic love triangles forming up and they are ONLY six.

Firnlambe: Triangles? There are more than one while they are 6 years old? How did I miss THAT.

Aunnie: Oh, the beauty of political marriages . . . always young when they begin and evil by the time they end. Sounds jaded? Thank you Kdramas.

Wendilynn: Never think you know where a kdrama is going. That’s one of the things I love about watching them. There is nothing safe about them.

Firnlambe: Well damn . . . . creepy glowing flower: 1 Nightwatchmen: 0

Aunnie: Okay, what the hell is going on. There is so much mystery before this story even really starts . . . lol

Miri: Ahh! Has the spirit of the evil shaman possessed the King? Does he now become an evil shaman all for want of one flower bracelet?

Firnlambe: I’m gonna go with no on the shaman front

Taleena: Now we know. Evil nookie begins with front hugs. This is why Koreans are into back hugs - they are concerned that it might be evil soul possessing nookie that starts up.

Aunnie: Bwahahaha, Jesus Taleena, thanks for that image in my head and suddenly the voice of Limp Bizkit’s saying “I did it all for the Nookie” is as well. Great . . . that’s just great . . . .

Wendilynn: I have a beef here, why didn’t his supernatural bodyguards not pick up that he was being possessed? They were ‘aware” of other things but were blind on this? Seriously?

Aunnie: Didn’t you know that the King was impervious to any kind of ghostly magic? These people weren’t thinking!

Firnlambe: WAE!!!!!! It’s never a good idea to bring the creepy once live DRAGON back to your home as a souvenir.

Aunnie: I’m torn because I would have brought it back ONLY if I couldn't smash it--just so I could keep an eye on it and know that no suspicious characters hovered around the Serpent God

Taleena: Pay NO Attention to this giant cart full of mystery statues. I said PAY NO ATTENTION! There are absolutely no evil dragons in here.

Aunnie: It’s almost like NO ONE is at all leery of the “Once Live Dragon”. I’d be worried this thing is just hibernating and preparing for a comeback. Isn’t there some deep, dark basement somewhere that this thing can haunt?

Miri: Now I’m thinking Game of Thrones, will there be a Tagaryen next? Or Dire wolves?

Aunnie: Nah, they all went crazy and were seemingly killed by the Lannister’s. The Yu’s should be safe. (What is the King’s last name again?)

Miri: LOL!

Firnlambe: Lee I believe

Aunnie: The LEE’S shall be fine. As long as the creeper, shamen dude stays dead and doesn’t pull some Wol Ryung out of his ass.

Miri: Well he’s just floating there and not rotting?!!

Firnlambe: Oh I don’t think our Evil Secretary will be able to top the awesomeness that was Wol Ryung.

Aunnie: Tis true . . . he’s no Choi Jin Hyuk, let’s be serious . . . although he’s got better shoulders.

Firnlambe: Yeah . . . Can't forget those cuppybowls.

Aunnie: CUPPYBOWLS!! I wonder how many references we can get in one section. Who’s keeping count? MODERATOR!

Miri: We need a “Shoulder Off” a direct comparison of a few shoulder specimens just to be sure your assessment is correct ! Who can we nominate?


Miri: LOL! Tribute! Still I loved Choi Jin Hyuk good or bad

Aunnie: Bad is so much better

Miri: I would have skipped off into the forest with him in either personas.

Aunnie: You’d have to fight me for it.

Firnlambe: Ok ladies focus now . . . as much as I’d like to continue with our cuppybowl extravaganza, we should probably move on . . . . for now . . . .

Miri: *Sigh*

Aunnie: I forgot what we were suppose to be doing . . . .YOU STARTED IT

Firnlambe: And I regret nothing . . .

Aunnie: I half expected you to say “And now I’m finishing it”

Wendilynn: Can’t . . . breath . . . . laughing . . . . too hard . . . bwhahahaha

Taleena: Choi Jin Hyuk’s delicious collarbones are about to go into the army and become wholly unappreciated under the uniform. And as the King has decided to off the guards who are only doing their jobs, all I can say is: It Doesn’t Pay to Be Curious About Mysterious Dragon Statues or IDPBCAMDS, I think the acronym is catchy don’t you?

Firnlambe: Oh that acronym is perfect! lol OK seriously though, how is it that no one has noticed this massive change in the King?

Aunnie: No joke! First the guard, the wife, We just need Queen Dowager and all his advisors to realize somethings up and get this King some help!

Miri: Ha, ha . . . not funny. Kind of creepy actually. I would like to think that as a woman who has slept with this man that she should be the first to be able to tell the difference between kindly noble King and possessed King.

Firnlambe: That’s what I mean . . . . by now someone should have noticed.

Aunnie: I think they’ve noticed . . . it’s just a matter of getting ENOUGH people to notice because he IS, technically, the King and his word is law. Does feudal Korea have impeachment laws? I bet they will after this!

Wendilynn: He left gentle and kind and came back not being so. HELLO PEOPLE!! *facepalm*

Firnlambe: This poor child has got to be terrified. Being able to see ghosts, particularly when you are the prince of an era ruled by Confucianism, would not be comforting.

Aunnie: Ahh . . . terrifying. But I’m kinda hoping that since Rin can see ghosts now, that he’ll be able to “see” his father’s Flower-Ghost-of-Doom.

Miri: This reminds me of Arang and the Magistrate where the magistrate was able to see ghosts his whole life. Maybe Rin will grow up with and awareness of the supernatural world, maybe he has to flee the palace and the good treasury guard is his adopted father who pulls a Sound of Music and escapes to the mountains with him where he meets Do Ha! Now I have it figured out! Booyah!

Aunnie: Whoa, slow down, Chingu. Maybe you should pass that lot onto the Hong sisters . . 

Miri: Nah! I’m a modern day Sherlock! I could be famous.

Firnlambe: So then it's Moulin Rouge Joeson Style!!

Aunnie: BRILLIANT . . . omg . . . this needs to be written . . . can Ewan McGregor speak Korean? If not, his manager needs to get him into classes right now. Yoon Fabien should be his teacher.

Wendilynn: Instead of Ewan McGregor can we get Kyuhyun?

Aunnie: Ah. no . . . lemme explain. You see, my pure and innocent Kyuhyun can not be seen sleeping with a prostitute. And/or falling in love with one. Okay . . . this is totally a lie, yes . . please . . . please make this happen. He needs to be in a a Moulin Rouge play . . .

Wendilynn: I see him being fantastic in such a role.

Aunnie: Agreed. Let’s fly to Korea and make it happen.

Wendilynn: I’m all for going to Korea, but make sure we get the celebrity lazer tag . . . minus the mud this time.

Aunnie: No, keep the mud . . . because at some point that mud is going to need to be washed off . . . and I’m totally cool with washing down Hyun Bin. In fact, I’d pay him to let me wash him down.

Wendilynn: Showers . . . . hot celebrities. This is a good thing. lol

Firnlambe: OK sister--no matter how guilty you may sound right now . . . you will have to do a LOT in order to make up for all the messes you’ve left in the wake of your selfish decisions.

Taleena: AAAAAANNNNDDD prophesy exposition bomb. And now we know who will get the girl in the end.

Aunnie: Does kissing mean you’re not celibate? And I think she know she did something wrong and we’re all selfish sometimes . . . granted, our selfishness doesn't usually lead to the destruction of a royal family, and open the gateways to evil, but still . . . I do forgive her for her prior evil. Now, if she FIXED it, it’d be even better. Besides, it wasn’t her fault she was branded and who knows, if she hadn't been branded, she may not have done what she did.

Miri: So my thoughts are all a jumbled mess now. Was the Shaman possessed when she seduced the King? Deals with what man, the evil Shaman!? Is she pregnant? Is she still good or will she run off the minute the evil shaman gets up from his bath? I mean the possibilities are endless. Now you throw in a birth prophecy and it staggers the mind. Of course Do Ha will have to fall in love and protect Rin that’s how these stories work, right?

Firnlambe: Well, our evil secretary needs a bit more bubbles for that to qualify as a bath in my book, but I’m gonna go with she did what she did while she was not possessed. She totally was in control of her thoughts and actions.

Miri: More bubbles means hot tub! Cue 70’s music . . .

Aunnie: Come on now, it was a post-evil soak. It’s good for the skin and great for rejuvenating evil magics.

Miri: So were there mineral salts in the soak?

Aunnie: Is feudal Korea BEFORE or AFTER the Epsom salt invention?

Taleena: Well it -epsom salts - is naturally occurring around many hot springs and is known to be part of tofu recipes so I am going KNOWN in Joseon. AND OBVIOUSLY Evil G Dragon wanna be is sitting in an infusion of persimmon leaves.

Miri: Maybe a hint of lavender for the aromatherapy?

Aunnie: Maybe some clove . . . I’m not a naturist but there sure were a lot of plants near and around the water vicinity . . . who KNOWS what’s been fermenting in that water.

Miri: Mmmm fermenting water, the fermentation process had to start somewhere why not with evil shaman soaks?


Miri: Explains sooooo much! Thanks!

Aunnie: Evil Secretary should be rounded up and tested for possible fermentation science stuff . . . I don’t know, I just want an excuse to touch his shoulders.

Miri: Me too!

Aunnie: *firnlambe is typing* Just wait . . she’s gonna tell us to focus.


Miri: (If we whisper she can’t hear us)

Aunnie: (whispers) She’s sitting right next to me . . . I don’t think that’ll help (shies away from Firnlambe)

Firnlambe: I’m in mother mode . . . So yes, whispers won’t save you.


Miri: Umm I’m whistling while I work . . . . fooo foooo foooo.

Wendilynn: Remind me never to have you guys draw me up a bath. lol

Aunnie: Even if it had Lee Min Ho in it? Yeah . . . . that’s what I thought.

Wendilynn: Well . . . um . . . *cough* yeah . .

Firnlambe: Seriously . . . . why did she even promise anything. It’s not like she’d seen the even seen the King yet. So what could have driven her to promise her kidnappers anything at all.

Aunnie: How weird would this be to try and act this whole scene out without CGI . . . anyway, yeah, when and why did she promise anything to these people? Maybe so she could get let go . . I’m going with that theory because I want to believe she’s a good person.

Miri: I was right, kind of. So yeah what was with the whole seducing the King stuff. And you are all right why promise anything? If the cost was your life either way why not go down fighting (fighting!)? Maybe that is an American sentiment. Also if she is dead then no Rosemary’s Baby either, so sad, imagine the possibilities!

Aunnie: We don’t know about the Rosemary’s baby just yet . . . Kdramas like to give us flashbacks to moments they didn’t show us the first time. It all depends on how much of a di--umm---meanie the writer’s want to be.

Miri: True, now if we were writing the story it would be all sorts of dark freaky.

Aunnie: It’d be Crazy Love, but on crack. It’d be Crazy Love meets Gu Family Book . . . . and still on crack.

Miri: BUT with lots of collar bones!!!

Aunnie: Bang Yong Guk could make his debut!!! First scene . . . waterfall . . . BYG washing his hair, arms above his head, straining while he . . .

Firnlambe: //peeks in from the shadows . . . . I’m watching you two//

Aunnie: Firnlambe has spoken . . . no fanfics for us.

Miri: Awwwww . . . . .

Aunnie: Moving on . . .

Wendilynn: Well it's not like her body is under her control, of course she has to keep her promise.

Taleena: Help a girl out, because I must have missed stuff when I watched. Wasn’t the girl going to be SACRIFICED to the dragon? This is why she was chained to Yggsadrail the world tree, right?? So when did she strike this nefarious bargain? Was it a mental bargain what shaman was pulling an Ophelia?

Miri: I think as long as she’s sacrificed--regardless of the specifics--the shaman guy will still steal her powers. But don’t quote me . . . You’re the group’s shaman, you tell us!

Aunnie: Was that suppose to fix his face? ‘Cause it didn’t. He got cheated out of his prize!

Miri: I bet there is a skin cream or face mask that could clear that up in a jiffy!

Aunnie: Well . . what ever was in that water SURE wasn’t healthy . . . he was the wrong fermentor. Let’s put Bang Yong Guk in the water and see what happens . . .

Firnlambe: //SMACK//

Aunnie: It was for SCIENCE . . . . GAWD . . . .

Miri: Here I was gonna say that maybe he peed in the water and ruined the fermentation process. But I’m in favor of more science . . . . .

Aunnie: Science requires a lot of test subjects . . . we should make a list.

Miri: It’s “hard” work, like hard abs, hard quads, hard biceps

Aunnie: . . . . Wait wait wait, I cry foul. I get smacked while Miri can go on and just talk about abs, quads and biceps . . .

Miri: You said to make a list!

Firnlambe: That’s because I was distracted for 30 seconds . . . . we ARE talking about my B.A.P bias after all . . . .

Miri: Yes . . . good guard . . . be worried. Be cautious . . . YES! I love smart characters!

Firnlambe: I have a feeling I’m gonna like this dude A LOT later on in the series.

Aunnie: Yeah well . . . we all liked the Eunuch too but we all saw what happened to him . . . wait . . . is this foreshadowing? Should I foreshadow? I can be the resident shaman! No . . . I don’t want to be celibate.

Miri: So only foreshadow the shadows in collar bones.

Firnlambe: //SMACK//

Aunnie: I was trying to stay focused Miri! Now it’s all messed up and there are collarbones on my mind . . .

Miri: Ok so back to those evil collar bones who are interested in stone dragons . . . .

Firnlambe: 30 MINS we’ve only gotten to the 30 min mark lol

Wendilynn: I’m pretty sure I’ve busted a rib from all the laughing you guys are putting me through.

Taleena: This is what happens when I leave you unattended? Honestly!

Firnlambe: Taleena!!!! Do NOT leave me alone with them ever again lol apparently I need a second in command to help reign in their science-y talk.

Miri: Oh I love this the treasury guard has a Compass of Ki which detects spiritual polarity. Gosh I feel like I have needed this a time or two in my normal life! Just think of all those bitchy people out there that you are forced to interact with, now if you had this compass you might feel a little relieved in explaining the source of evil vibes. LOL! This could also be handy for all you gals who are dating!

Taleena: Well that’s handy! Mysterious artifacts let us count how many! Compass, Bow of Kingly Destiny, Super Healing Flower, Scroll of Forbidden Knowledge, Dragon Statue, Jingle bell bracelet, Ribbon bracelet, Snake Staff, and assorted amulets of ghost banishing power. Have I got them all?

Aunnie: Gap . . . I feel like we should talk about the King making a huge deal out of this bug during this crowning ceremony, talk about the animosity between the brothers that’s sure to come back again and the fact that all of the attendees are looking at the King like he’s grown another head . . . because this was completely out of line.

Miri: Squash your pet!! SQUASH HIM I say!!!! Argh!!!! Oh and the Compass of Ki goes ghost crazy. Ahh yes let’s not forget to repair the ghost warding statues around the palace!!!!

Aunnie: All joking aside, honestly, how was this NOT the first course of action after the ghostly attack? I would think that would have been priority numero uno.

Miri: But really the guards kept the whole ghost thing under wraps and maybe you have to hand make the statues with tiny little chisels.

Firnlambe: To their credit . . . they wanted to repair them . . . they just didn’t have the money.

Aunnie: Pretty sure if some crazy ass shit went down like that, you’d FIND the money. Hell, you’d give out free rice to anyone who helped repair these statutes. There are still starving people in Feudal Korea, right? Plenty of work force.

Miri: No it’s the tiny chisels that is taking up the time! Maybe they should sell evil dragon statue back to evil shaman for the money it would take to fix the palace . . . because you know that the dragon is going home anyway.

Taleena: These are statues- not walls. You can’t just pluck some poor peasant out of the crowds and make him create ghost warding artistry. I am sure that takes lots and lots of dedication and learning with a REAL strict master, who loves you after all but will not tell you until he is on his death bed. Who arranges your marriage to his beautiful daughter, whom you’ve been in love with ever since you were apprenticed to him as a child, but thought she was far above your touch. She meanwhile is in love with the handsome young scholar who does not notice her. Those guys are a little hard to find.

Wendilynn: I felt so bad for the little guy. His dad gave him that bug and now his “crazy” dad wants him to destroy it. Talk about confused.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie, when the Kings eyes changed . . . I didn’t notice until I watched the episode the second time around. That must have been terrifying for Prince Rin.

Aunnie: Ah yeah, terrifying . . . how is the “crowd” just letting this happen?

Firnlambe: Well . . . . I’m sure the fact that they find the floor extremely interesting to look at doesn’t help.

Aunnie: Floor be damned. watching the King lose his flippin’ MIND is extremely interesting.

Miri: You know all I could think about were the beads swinging on their hats. I was wondering did the actors ever get hit in the eyes while they were practicing, or was it like get into the moment and screw your eyeballs.

Aunnie: Hahaha, every time I see those hats in historicals, I wonder the same thing.

Wendilynn: Why are those beads that long in the first place? You're the King, just order them to fix the stupid length. lol I can say that I did notice the King's eyes change, but then, I’m always watching their eyes.

Taleena: Look, you can only be King if you are willing to rock a bead hat to the extent that no one laughs when you put it on.

Aunnie: That’s probably part of the audition: “Put this on and make it look natural.” “Do you want me to speak any of the lines?” “No, just put on the hat, Sir, and hold this sword and look evil . . . . yeah . . . yeah . . . that’s it. You’re hired.”

Taleena: LOL. I have watched too many K Dramas, because I am getting to the point where the beads are starting to look sexy and manly.

Wendilynn: There is something to be said for period costumes.

Aunnie: Nooooooo!! Epic, Darth Vader episode 3, nooooooo! How is NO ONE rushing the King right now? If it weren’t for Song, the soon-to-be crowned prince would be dead. Like . . . why is no one doing anything besides Song??

Firnlambe: Well that’s unfortunate. Poor Eunuch Song.

Miri: And dang they killed my favorite eunuch . . . .

Firnlambe: *sigh* It's always the loyal ones that are first to go.

Aunnie: I was seriously devastated by his death . . . okay well not devastated but I was upset enough to glower at the screen in a relatively unhealthy manner.

Miri: I had to play a round of Angry Birds to get over his death . . . . but I won my round so it’s all good!

Aunnie: As long as all the pigs died, that’s all that matters.

Taleena: Angry Birds? I thought we settled on Candy Crush as the game of Kdrama obsession. Eunuch Song will now be reunited with his goodies in heaven. Thank you for your sacrifice(s) good man!

Aunnie: I’m praying the King inside is just screeching at this evil entity using his body like a Honda and is attempting to fight his way free.

Miri: "Die, DIE!! Oh, you're awake? Uhh? What am I doing? Oh, I love you . . . ummm . .

Wendilynn: That’s a little too much love there, boyo.

Aunnie: It’s this new move I heard of, its foreign it’s called “Choking a bitch” . . . is . . . . is that not your thing?

Miri: Kinda a kink she’s not into . . more of a missionary thing . . .

Aunnie: I feel . . . like there’s a 50 Shades of Grey joke in here . . but . . . I won’t make it.

Miri: Just walk away laughing maniacally to yourself.

Aunnie: The last time I did that Firnlambe demanded I explain the joke. I can’t maniacally laugh unless I want to explain. I shall keep it inside and stoically keep a straight--BWAHAHAHAHA I’m sure there’s a red room somewhere in this palace for the King’s Kinky Concubines . . . or should I saw Koncubines . . . ?

Miri: Running for the bathroom laughing my head off . . . .

Aunnie: Wow . . . just how portable IS your computer. Leave it to the Koreans to find some cool new technology and not share it with the rest of the world. I’m still waiting for my video doorbell thingy . . .

Miri: Just be glad we are not Skyping . . . and I have a video doorbell and a numerical keypad for my front door! Booyah!

Aunnie: In the words of the Mayan Emperior BOOM BABY

Miri: (of course I don’t know how to use the video doorbell!)

Aunnie: I'm sure there’s a 50 shades of grey joke in this somewhere . . . JUST KIDDING

Miri: Oh Gosh breathing, breathing . . . .

Firnlambe: Obviously I can’t “control” you two anymore lol

Aunnie: We’re moving on . . . ;)

Taleena: I’m not touching this. You guys are ruining my mind palace.

Firnlambe: Dude, that’s a huge burden to place on your own shoulders. She’s what? 10? 12 years old max? This is something that she shouldn’t have to be worrying about.

Aunnie: Then we’d have no love story! lol

Miri: So I’m with Do Ha on this, I think her sister is still alive, but I just can’t decide if she is a prisoner or a love slave.

Wendilynn: Where would we be if it wasn’t for the overblown sense of “I have to solve this . . . . ” for something that she is too young to understand or be part of. We need plot devices here people.

Aunnie: Now all we need is for the King to die and for Rin to make a similar declaration then we’ll REALLY have a good drama.

Firnlambe: It’s never a good sign when your King just suddenly snaps . . . killing anyone he sees fit. I felt so bad for the guards, they must have been so confused, because they wouldn’t even lift up their swords in order to defend themselves.

Aunnie: Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the guards because yeah, they had no choice but to let themselves get killed or be executed for treason HOWEVER, I feel bad for Rin because he’s going to grow up thinking his father just suddenly began hating him. Wondering if it was something he did, or said that caused his father to start hating him. Talk about some serious self doubts that’ll weave it’s way into his mind. BUT if I know Jung Il Woo, he’ll be the hysterically funny, arrogant personality that most of his characters are and he’ll be okay. That last look though . . . was PURE EVIL!

Miri: Ok is it wrong to think a bad guy growling is sexy?

Aunnie: Fifty Shades of Grey joke, anyone?

Miri: First the evil shaman hisses at the dragon and that was pretty sexy bad, but now the King starts to growl and the side of me that loves Wolverine came out!

Aunnie: (We really should count the many non-nightwatchman references in this blog alone . . . there should be a tally somewhere like Cinema Sins does on YT)

Miri: How is that possible? I think smooth skin and Kpop guyliner is best! On a different note, “Run Rin, Run!!!”

Wendilynn: You have issues Miri. hehehehe. No seriously, those were sexy growls. I felt so sorry for the King's family. Here this nice wonderful loving man goes psycho and they all paid for it. The look on the King's face when he faces Rin for the last time just about broke my heart. You knew that he was aware of what happened and what he couldn’t prevent. Trapped souls in a possessed body while your loved ones die. Not fun.

Aunnie: Part of me hopes the King will snap out of it or be cured . . but the other part hopes that he’ll just die, NOT because I want him dead but for the sake of his sanity, there is no going back from this and knowing you couldn’t help yourself is NOT quite the guilt-cleansing tonic we’d all like it to be.

Miri: Yeah no making up for killing everyone . . . unless he becomes a monk on a mountain . . .

Taleena: This Kid is going to be in therapy for a long, long, long time. Evil dad is not your fault Rin.

Aunnie: I really, really hope that when Rin brings up his father--and it will happen--that he admits to it not being his father’s fault. I really hope he does because then I’m going to feel REALLY bad for the King.

Well Journalists . . . do you think King Crazy will snap out of his ghost infested daze before it's too late? Or will our Evil Secretary actually succeed in one of his evil plans? We'd love to talk with other Hallyu fans about any theories you may have in the comment section below. 

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