Fall in Love with Me: Episode 10 [Recap]

Be warned. This episode was a doosie and so will this recap be. We've reached a whole new height of emotional torture and trauma in this episode and it proves to be the breaking point for both Le Si and Tian Xing and it all leads up to a dramatic change in the world of Oz . . . and Tian Ji. So take a deep breath and let's get to talking about Fall In Love With Me's episode 10.

Firnlambe: uuuuum kind sir . . . YOU are the one torturing Le Si--not Xiao Lu

Aunnie: I think it's more a figurative "Xiao Lu", he wants the image and idea of Xiao Lu to stop torturing Le Si. But at the same time, you did this Tian Xing . . .

Wendilynn: He really needs to stop the split personality thing. He caused this. Its his fault he created a nicer version of himself to love her.

Firnlambe: Why yes . . . . yes you have. Honestly--what did you expect to happen? This "brilliant" plan was doomed to fail from day one.

Aunnie: Ah, yes! A resounding yes! You've got yourself convinced that you're two separate people and somewhere out there a psychiatrist would like to get their hands on you . . .

Wendilynn: Gotta love these "why couldn't I make it all change in one day/week when I just spent two months building it" analogies. Patience . . . everyone lacks patience. And yes, your arrogant ass self lost to your gentle loving self.

Firnlambe: Dear Tian Xing . . . would you like some ice to go on that burn? No, but seriously--This must have hurt him a lot, but we all know he had this coming.

Aunnie: Ah, no . . . he looks exactly like him, Sweetie! He even has his hair down in this scene! People just don't look this identical--you know, without actually being identical--How is she not seeing this?

Wendilynn: I just wanted to put my head in my hands with this statement.

Aunnie: Firstly, I'm super stoked Uncle Fu is back and secondly . . . Tian Xing, even Uncle Fu thinks your plan is ridiculous!

Firnlambe: And if Uncle Fu thinks it ridiculous you know its a bad idea. That man is a genius . . . don't doubt a man who can make Alfred look like an underachiever.

Wendilynn: Alfred is his brother from another mother. Tian Xing needs a good sound reality check.

Firnlambe: I adore that Miao Miao is like a little chick, copying our favorite mother in her ways of intimidation.

Aunnie: Man, she's threatening to cut him into pieces just at the thought of him breaking her daughter's heart by leaving . . . what the hell is she going to do to him when she finds out the truth of who he really is?

Firnlambe: Attempted murder?

Wendilynn: I think a broken limb or two might work. lol

Firnlambe: Did he . . . *sigh* why must you tell lies upon lies?!?? This will only make the moment Le Si figures out your true identity that much more painful

Aunnie: He's trying so hard to make this work that he can't see the damage he's doing . . . or will be done . . . when the truth is revealed. He just keeps compounding the problem with every scene, it's painful just to watch this knowing what's going to happen in the future.

Wendilynn: Painful is a good way of putting this. I'm almost dreading watching episode 11.

Firnlambe: Now are we talking figuratively? Or for really reals? Because if he cannot take the bangle off while he is in Tian Xing mode, he's doomed.

Aunnie: Taking aside the fact that he just "shackled" her . . . I mean, it's a romantic "shackle" and I like the sentiment . . . but I'm hoping this thing comes off 'cause when she finds out who you are, she's liable to cut off her own hand just to remove this bangle.

Wendilynn:  Confusion. Lots and lots of confusion. Tian Xing is so tied up in knots he has no idea if he's coming or going. I did love this scene though.

Aunnie: I can't tell if this is just good business or the beginnings of sabotage . . . If you took out the sinister music in the background, it almost seems like good business . . .

Firnlambe: But sadly we had background music of the sinister variety. Lance the snake in the grass that Tian Xing and Oz needs to watch out for if they don't want to get stabbed in the back.

Wendilynn: For lance, I think there are too many pieces he's noticed and is trying to put together. He knows Tian Xing is fixated on Oz. He wants Tian Xing to join his vision of the company. We'll have to see where this goes. I saw this more of a way to try and control what Tian Xing is doing more than cashing in on Oz novelty.

Aunnie: I'm sorry but I'm not seeing a problem with this. Isn't it these two concepts that make a business that much more successful? I think if Lance and Tian Xing could accept their individual roles within Tian Ji, they'd become really successful. Why are they playing Lance up to be the bag guy?

Firnlambe: Because every drama needs a baddie . . . and Lance just happens to be the stuck up COO that can pull it off believably while still managing to not come across as too strong

Wendilynn: Because most bad guys are really former good guys that were horribly disillusioned. I think that's where they are taking Lance.

Firnlambe: As if I didn't need more reasons to love Uncle Fu.

Aunnie: This will sound funny but excellent acting on Uncle Fu's part (whatever his real name is) because he looked intense when he said it rather than being all smiles and cheeriness. You want something to come across as sincere--especially in this sense--smiles and cheeriness is not the way to go.

Wendilynn: This character is rock solid from start to finish.

I'm done . . . this man will never learn. He deserves every last bit of hate and aggression he has coming his way.

Aunnie: How many of these scenes can the writers fit in, in this episode? Because this is like the 3rd time we'v seen him say almost this exact same sentiment!! It's like they really want us to hate him before she hates him.

Wendilynn: Like I said, I'm dreading watching the next episode.

Firnlambe: Because you're a stuck up child who only see's what she wants to see, and so you don't accept the reality that has been in front of your face for the past X amount of years.

Aunnie: Once again, I'm at odds with the others girls. I'm glad this happened. The worst part of unrequited love is not even having the chance to say how you really feel so I'm really glad she was able to at least tell him how she felt and then get formally rejected. At least this way, at the end of the day, she can say she tried which is more therapeutic than people give it credit for.

Firnlambe: Don't get me wrong, I'm glad this happened too . . . but her ignorance to their situation is almost as bad as Tian Xing's in my book.

Wendilynn: She has said how she feels and now can start letting go, that is, if Lance doesn't try to force Tian Xing to make little sister happy.

Firnlambe: She shouts this at him like the statement only applies to Tian Xing . . . its a two way street here hun, you should be asking yourself that very same question.

Aunnie: The only thing I don't like about this scene is 1) it took too long for them to have this conversation, this should have happened (if not years ago) at least waaay before this point. It just shows how much Tian Xing has a general disregard to his adoptive family. 2) I hate that he's in so much denial in this scene. *sigh* Can the truth just be revealed already??

Wendilynn: I think Tian Xing has lived a very long time without connecting to his feelings. Probably due to the death of his parents and then add on the stress of the vengeful and fake advertising world.

Aunnie: There is so much pent up history and resentment between these two that it honestly makes me sad, especially because you know they care about each other deeply. They just have different goals and dreams and can't see the other person's point of view. And this action is just so manipulative on Tian Xing's part. Does he not realize how much this would hurt Lance? Or better yet, his adoptive family as a whole?

Firnlambe: I agree . . . but at the same time, I don't hold his last comment against him because I know Lance--if given the opportunity--would expect Tian Xing to support him in whatever he may be pursuing.

Aunnie: Yes, but Lance also wouldn't be masquerading as two people and lying his ass off just to get rid of his real identity . . . 

Firnlambe: You can't hold that against him in this scene . . . we were focusing on Lance and Tian Xing's work/"family" relationship, not Tian Xing and Le Si's messed up relationship.

Wendilynn:  Oh, its all messed up at this point. There is nothing functional going on here.

Aunnie: Not that this excuses Lance's behavior but I can totally see how he made this decision. Oz represents the very thing that's taking Tian Xing away from him and simply wants to hurt them since he can't hurt the man himself. *sigh* Tian Xing has ruined not only Le Si's life but the life of Tian Ji . . .

Firnlambe: Eh *shrugs* I've sort of become indifferent to the whole Tian Ji-Oz debacle . . . I know that Lance will be an ass about getting his way and overstep his authority to do it--and I've come to terms with that at this point in the game.

Wendilynn: This wasn't about screwing with Oz, this was about catching Tian Xing as Xiao Lu. Lance is adding up the pieces. There is no way Tian Xing would allow harm to come to Oz and the only way he's going to find out about it is if he's Xiao Lu because TX isn't supposed to be at the meeting.

Aunnie: Wow Wendilynn, that was intuitive of you. I never even . . . That makes so much sense . . . 

Aunnie: What in the hell . . . Helen . . . TAKE A PERSONAL DAY!!

Firnlambe: . . . OMG the shoes . . . Dude stop trying so hard. Please for the sake of us viewers, just stop.

Wendilynn: Bwhahahahahahahaha!!!

Aunnie: So that just happened. Is it horrible for me to want Miao Miao to like Wei-whatever-his-name-is and for Leo to fall for Huan Huan? 'Cause I do.

Firnlambe: ::KYAAA:: . . . omg this scene was adorable. And yet while it was indeed a cute moment, I still love her interaction with midget man more. I'll need to see some major character development between assistant dude and Miao Miao before I root for that pairing.

Wendilynn: This scene was adorable, who cares who she is going to end up with.

Aunnie: Well this is some seriously incriminating evidence. Wow . . . There is no way Tian Xing will be able to explain this one.
Firnlambe: Yeah, that's some pretty strong incriminating evidence . . . but on the other hand they only got a shot of him getting out of a black car. I never saw video of him coming out of said car dresses as Tian Xing, so I'm curious to see how this will actually be use against him.

Aunnie: It's assumed that the person has been recording this whole time.

Wendilynn: Oh yeah, the recording has been going on since he got in and changed to Tian Xing and back again.

Ok, who want's some adorable fluff 
to counteract all the feels from this episode? 
Well you're in luck! As a special treat for you readers 
we've found a behind the scene's for this episode 
and it even comes complete with English subtitles 
::tosses confetti::

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did ^-^
If this doesn't make you fall in love with Aaron Yan
we don't know what will.

So what did you think of this game-changing episode? A heart was mended while another was broken, some bridges were crossed and burned and it looks like there will be an abrupt left turn in the next episode. What do you think Lance's next step will be to try and demoralize Oz? How about that budding romance between the assistants? And just who was behind that camera?!?!?! Come back next week to get the "oohs" and "ahhs" from the Fall In Love With Me Drama Club and our reactions for Tian Xing's big reveal next week!

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  1. Hilarious recap guys! This drama has started to annoy me a little but reading your recap lightened my mood. Thanks!

    1. Glad we could lift the gloom a little bit ^-^ at this point in the drama we can all use a little pick-me-up


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