Fall in Love with Me: Episode 8 [Recap]

Last week we watched at Tian Xing struggled to pull Xiao Lu out of Le Si's life with only a minimal amount of pain with overwhelmingly unsuccessful results. Well, gather your tissues--I suggest a brand new box--and strap in while we watch Tian Xing make the hardest decision for both himself and Le Si. On this week's episode, we encounter the most extreme feels since the start of this Drama. Prepare yourselves . . . and let's start!

Firnlambe: I knew it . . . why would we get the satisfaction of a kiss here? Damn writers must enjoy teasing us too much.

Aunnie: You . . . Aaron Yan . . . are a tease and I do not appreciate it. Argh . . . this woman doesn't have good judgment. She's being fooled by you! *HeavySigh* at this rate, we'll never see Aaron Yan kisses . . . 

Wendilynn:  Come on, already.  The sexual tension between these two is so thick you need a machete to hack through it.

Aunnie: I'm all for him helping her find clothes that would make her appearance seem more professional . . . but someone needs to help him with his wardrobe choices. Will someone PLEASE tell his stylist to stop putting this man in ridiculous bow-ties? He looks like an arrogant conductor.

Wendilynn:  I don't mind the bow ties as long as they don't look like they came out of a drag queens closet.  What is up with the flamboyant nature of his outfits?  The stripes, dots, patterns and such are insane.  Everyone else gets to look normal.  He looks like To Wong Foo got a hold of his wardrobe half the time.

Firnlambe: I'm more curious as to how he would even know her size? That puts him at border line creeper status right there.

Aunnie:  I definitely like what he's doing here. Its because of scenes like this that I can see how Tian Xing is better for her than Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu tends to make her feel like she's just fine as she is--which is true--except if you want to be successful and not easy pickings then you need to buck up girl and that's what Tian Xing is attempting to do with her. Except this was like taking a lamb to slaughter . . . she simply wasn't ready.

Wendilynn: Agreed, she wasn't prepared for this.  Nor was she prepared for the hateful comments from the jealous. I agree that Tian Xing is good for her in helping her grasp her potential, but she also needs Xiao Lu for security.  It will be nice when things calm down and she can enjoy both aspects of the man who loves her so much.

Firnlambe: I also am in complete agreement, what Tian Xing should  have done was give her a warning of what was to come . . . you know, a trial run of sorts. It would have gotten her prepared at least a little bit for what was to come and it would have spared her a lot of heartache.

Aunnie: Hoooooly Kimchi! Nothing announces the fact that you like this woman more than punching your co-worker in the face over a situation that could have just as easily been a simple accident than it could have been something nefarious--even though it was. This was beyond impulsive.

Wendilynn:  Over reaction.  It was satisfying because we all know he deserved it. However, this just amps  up the embarrassment factor for Le Si.

Firnlambe: *face palm* He should have checked on Le Si before he went into overprotective mode.

Firnlambe: I just about died . . . I know the writers were not gonna let Tian Xing's secret out just yet, but they seriously love making me fret about the unknown (particularly when its something I KNOW will eventually come to light) 

Aunnie: This man has so many close calls that I'm about two shakes from taking bets and making money off of how he'll get caught. Between the rapid character changes, Leo's suspicions, Lance's meticulous watching and this baseball, . . . something's gonna give. It's just a matter of which one . . . .

Wendilynn:  I honestly wish she had picked up the baseball.  That connection needs to come out so we can start getting these two together honestly so we can get these two kissing.  *chuckles*

Wendilynn:  This is the first time I didn't hate this character.  Her over the top ownership of Tian Xing has annoyed the snot out of me.  I also can't stand whiny baby girls just as a matter of course. Here she was so warm and sweet.  If she was like this the whole time, she probably would have captured Tian Xing heart above being his baby sister long ago. This whole scene was nice. 

Aunnie: No matter what these other two lovely lady's say, I still really like her character. I don't find her annoying or ridiculous at all. Not only did she ask if Le Si was physically okay, she took the time to ask if Le Si was emotionally okay as well. Then she very clearly and concisely, without much emotion at all, explained why she loved Tian Xing and let's be serious...like we wouldn't have those kinds of feels for someone who did those things for us. And lastly...she didn't say "Don't you dare love him" she simply asked that Le Si "try" not to love him. And she wasn't weepy or whiney in this whole scene. I like her.

Firnlambe. . . I'm with Wendilynn on the fact that if she had not been such a stuck up, spoiled little brat who  continued to believe she was an adult just because she had a steady job and good looks, I probably would have liked her more. And like Aunnie said, she first made sure Le Si was ok before she went into her "please don't love the one I love" speech  . . . . . . so sadly I must begrudgingly not be annoyed with her for this scene. But that wont stop me from continuing to dislike her if the need arises.

Aunnie: I think it's interesting that Leo takes up the Older Brother role (with regard to Le Si) when he's dealing with Xiao Lu rather than the "love enemy" role he takes up when he's speaking to Tian Xing. And there's nothing like an older brother's guilt to really make you feel really guilty.

Wendilynn:  Its an interesting dichotomy.  I think it also reflects Leo's personality.  He probably would give way to Xiao Lu where he has no interest in handing over Le Si to Tian Xing.

Firnlambe: I am glad he's looking out for Le Si, even if that means he will never end up have a real chance with her. Poor Leo, I really hope he ends up with someone . . . just not "Kate" (or whatever her name is in this drama) she needs to end up with the short spunky one.

Aunnie: I wasn't even so much disappointed by the "almost kiss" here as I was about the serious amount of feels I was going through. Throughout her entire confession, you could just see the war on his face as he dealt with his emotions. And yeah . . . definitely needed to grab a box of tissues cause this . . . this was painful.

Wendilynn:  oh his face. That conflict. He needs an Oscar just for this scene alone. However, there is no way you can get that close to someone and not feel them there. This whole scene series had me in tears.

Firnlambe: I'm with Wendilynn again on this one, Aaron deserves the Asian Entertainment equivalent of an Oscar. His acting was superb and you could just see the hurt and anguish Xiao Lu had in making his decision to ditch out, but apparently I'm much more emotionally detached from this couple than my makeshift Drama Club counter parts . . . don't get me wrong, I still felt all the same feels, I just didn't feel the need to cry. 

Aunnie: I'll admit it. I cried rivers. But as painful as this was--and it was painful, I was cheering him on because it's what needed to be done.

Wendilynn:  Up to this point, I've been split over which role should win her love.  But I'm not split anymore. This is killing Tian Xing to do.  I'm so wholeheartedly on his side now. 

Firnlambe: I'm sorry, but if the man I liked suddenly disappeared with out a trace like this, I would not just stand there and shout "I like you!" . . . I would be looking around trying to find them. Though again I'm totally in Tian Xing's corner on this one, poor man must be feeling horrible . . . but you do reap what you sow, and we have all seen this outcome coming from a mile away.

Firnlambe: I love this mom, she is probably one of my favorite T-drama moms yet. She loves her daughter, and would kick some serious ass in a heartbeat if she felt it was necessary for her daughters well being . . . the only thing i'm worried about is what she will try to do to Tian Xing once everything is brought out in the open.

Aunnie: And 'cause I'm sensitive, I was crying here too. I just love the look on the mom's face when she's like "I don't believe you, what happened?" Nothing better than a mother's intuition and a mother's love. Right Wendilynn?

Wendilynn:  Yes. We Moms, if we are paying attention, that is, can pick up when our kids are hurting just from the way they walk, breath and look.  Mom may be a bit aggressively wild, but she loves her daughter.

Aunnie: The final cut. The shock on all of their faces was pretty sad. I felt like we got hit non-stop with feels this whole episode, I'm looking for some uplifting moments going forward.

Firnlambe: Sad feels! Get your fresh, sad feels here! Sad feels for everyone!! . . . . . I'm with Aunnie here's hoping we get some happy moments in this drama ASAP.

Wendilynn: After watching him cry in the apartment, I wasn't sure what he was going to do.  I'm glad he's doing the right thing here, but Oz needs him as much as he needs Oz.

Aunnie: And more pain. And no . . . look at your face Tian Xing, you are not "Just a friend". There's so much pain going on in this episode, I'm starting to hope that she doesn't find out that Tian Xing masqueraded at Xiao Lu 'cause that episode . . . might need two boxes of tissues.

Wendilynn:  Pain upon pain upon pain.  This is just rough.  And you can see how much Tian Xing loves her in every word and look. Man, the chemistry between these two actors is intense. And people objected when this pairing was announced.  I'm sure they have changed their tune completely.

Firnlambe: If they haven't changed their opinion about this couple they are idiots . . . Dost thou haters hear this!?! Change thee ways and yea shall be forgiven!!! This couple tis the epitome of adorable!! Ignore thy warning and I shall smite thee via a horde of saesang fans at thy door! 

Firnlambe: Good girl . . . keep your chin up . . . don't be letting some guy completely ruin your life, cuz that's never worth it.

Aunnie: I like it when female leads are written like this. Not all women fall to the floor into pieces and stay inconsolable for days. They rise up to the occasion and work through it. I was very proud of Le Si in this scene even though I know she's devastated inside.

Wendilynn: Agreed, Le Si is an awesome character.

Aunnie: I can't tell if him coming so soon after the Xiao Lu incident was a smart idea or a really, really dumb one because when his identity is revealed, I'm sure she'll come right back to this moment in time and ask something along the lines of "Was it fun playing with me?"

Wendilynn:  Well, its pretty standard in dramas to assume all confusion was done for malicious fun even though it never is.  There is a joke that you can tell the difference between a high class person and a low class person (I'm avoiding using the racial slurs Chris Rock used)  because the low class person will rob your house and then come over the next day saying, "hey, I heard you was robbed.".   *chuckles*   I know he holds responsibility for making her feel better since he was the one who hurt her so completely, but dude . . . .

Firnlambe: Does he want to cause himself more pain? Here I thought he was gonna be safe and stick to the client route, but nooooo he had to throw out Xiao Lu's name. *sigh* I supposes it is one way of therapy for Le Si, a "shoulder for a shoulder" type feel. I just kept hoping there was no Leo stalking from the distance.

Aunnie: Dude . . . you deserved this. So, Yay for being there for her in the only way you could be, but you deserve all this heartbreak. I mostly just feel bad for her at this point--I mean, I feel terrible for him as well but in this scene in particular, I feel the most terrible for her.

Wendilynn: Yes, he does deserve to have his heart break while listening to hers break. I bet you though, as they grow old together, he'll NEVER do anything that breaks her heart so completely again.  EVER!

Firnlambe: THIS almost brought me to tears . . . I feel more sad for him at this point, granted he brought this all upon himself, but at least he's trying to make things right. And I'm totally for the image of them growing old together and Tian Xing making sure she's never this broken heart-ed ever again.

Aunnie: Well at least he made some headway as Tian Xing . . . and he got her to laugh so that's another bonus.

Wendilynn: Laughter is good. He should have encouraged her to stab it a few times. lol

Firnlambe: I was expecting him to say use my picture as a substitute for Xiao Lu's face, but I'm ok with this outcome too . . . it shows how much she's viewing Tian Xing in a good light.

Aunnie: See, Tian Xing, you make much faster progress if you're not being an ass all the time when you're around her---you know . . . as Tian Xing. I'd say this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship except . . . you know . . . the whole secret identity thing . . . .

Wendilynn:  He needs to bring out his inner Xiao Lu more often. Let Tian Xing feel Xiao Lu.

Firnlambe: I've never like the haughty approach he has used on her while being Tian Xing . . . so the fact that he is openly worrying about her, and showing her he cares is 100 times better for his romantic endeavors with her. If he decides to change back to the way he was in just a few episodes, I may strangle him.

Aunnie: Whoa . . back up dude . . . is this really the direction you want to take this conversation? 'Cause it's a dangerous one.

Wendilynn:  Letting the cat out of the bag there, dude.


So, how did you fare with this week's set of feels? For once we were glad that Taiwanese dramas only air once a week because two episodes of non-stop feels like this would be too draining. What about that preview though? It looks like Tian Xing pushes just a little too hard for Le Si to get over Xiao Lu and what about knife-wielding mom? I guess she's not content to just sit back and watch her daughter suffer heartbreak and I'm sure you're all just as curious we are about the big question....is Xiao Lu truly and completely shelved or will we see him again?

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    1. I found it to be quite appropriate for summing up my feels ^-^


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