Soju Nightcaps: The Night Watchman's Journal episode 3 [Recap]

Sorry about the exceptionally long delay Journalists, but the real life beckoned . . . anyways, episode three was filled with many new trials for our Prince and Shaman. Join Aunnie, Miri, Taleena, Wendilynn and myself as we discuss everything from Dragon whispering and rampant pleasure house ghosts, to new specimen additions to Miri and Aunnie's scientific endeavors.

Miri: Boy is this possession bad news when talismans and a five person circle can’t expel it! I say “Run Rin, Run!” But for some reason his mother and him just sit there. 

Aunnie: Man, if you’re going to throw paper amulets as your “last” defense against evil, you better make sure they work! I don’t want to hear “it’s stronger than we thought” when I’m running for my life! 

Firnlambe: These Nightwatchmen are weak . . . note to self--never hire them for future exorcisms ever again. 

Wendilynn: What exactly possessed the king that 5 of these dudes couldn’t do squat? 

Taleena: What possesed the king Wendilynn? The evil power of the script writers that’s what. No Jack Burton! You can not die! I REFUSE to believe Jack Burton is dead.

Firnlambe: Okay, can we talk about the fact that the Queen chooses Rin's room to be their fortress of solitude? I mean really? That’s the best you can come up with?!? Those paper doors won’t do anything to protect you from a rampaging possessed King. 

Miri: Yeah I can’t figure out this logic either. When I think run to someplace safe I think brick walls and lots of guards (kind of like where they hid the stone dragon), or running into the forest and hiding in the root cave of a tree, or a butterfly cave like in Gu Family Book (which had no book in it so explain that one to me.) 

Aunnie: ‘Cause he’ll NEVER expect you to go to the ONE place he was headed before he was distracted by the piddly little guards he cut through like butter. That’s a solid plan. I don’t even feel bad that the Queen died for being stupid. I mostly feel bad for Rin for having to sorta, kinda, witness her lasting stupidity. 

Miri: Preach it sister! 

Wendilynn: Amen. 

Taleena: That Queen is not exactly the brightest bulb. This is run away to holy monastery time. Cover yourself in amulets, find a hidey hole and pull the door in after you. Re: Gu Family Book - they talked about it! It was the whole catalyst for Papa Gumiho to change into a human. Granted they didn’t actually show the book, it was heavily implied that Lee Seung Gi would go looking for it in Season 2 (please let there be a season 2), but the Monk of Bad Advice talked about it.

Aunnie: This saddened me because you already knew it was too late for him. There was no redemption for his actions--voluntary or not--and you knew he was going to end up losing his life.

Firnlambe: At least he came back to his senses before he killed his son. 

Wendilynn: This made me sad because you could see it in his face that he knew what he’d done while possessed and had been powerless to stop it. 

Taleena: The poor prince and the poor King. Bad news that the king handed off the Millennial Flower of Bad Juju though. Unless, do you think the King absorbed all of it’s bad juju and it is safe now? NAH.

Miri: And the moral of the story is”Never go on long magical quests to get a mythical flower to heal someone when good old fashion rest and chicken soup will do the job.” 

Aunnie: No, moral of the story is if someone who has always been sweet and kind SNAPS for no apparent reasons . . . IT’S ALWAYS GHOSTS. Or Schizophrenia . . . Schizophrenia seems to be in right now. 

Firnlambe: It’s South Korea’s new epidemic I tell you. 

Aunnie: It’s the RAIN!! BEWARE THE RAIN! 

Firnlambe: Korean rain . . . causing colds and Schizophrenia everywhere. 

Wendilynn: Korean rain is a phenomenon unknown by science. 

Taleena: The moral of the story is: Never Bring a Giant Dragon Statue Back With You and it’s never lupus.

Aunnie: I think it was just colossal mistake with absolutely no logic behind it. Did they explain the reasoning behind this or was it just for the sake of the story to make Rin fight for the throne in the end? I mean, if they explained it and I missed it, I’d like to be educated on the minds of the stupid leaders of this drama. 

Miri: Yeah I’m not sure about the logic behind this one. Does the Prime Minister think his daughter has more of a chance at Rin then?  No idea why, but it seems like the Queen Dowager and the grand Vizier thought placing Kisan as King was a good idea. 

Firnlambe: For some reason, because of his father’s crazy actions, Rin has been labeled as a traitor. So his right to the throne was put in question. 

Wendilynn: It had everything to do with stabilizing popular opinion about the royal family. Remember, the king had been calling the queen a slut up till he killed her. His parents are not in good humor with the people and sadly, people blame children for the sins of the parents. 

Taleena: The prince never went through his crowning ceremony and called the paternity of the Prince in question. Also, the little Prince is totally traumatized and they didn’t want psychological problems on the throne. HA HA HA HA HA. Oh that is funny.

Firnlambe: That and this stupid Official is manipulating the court to suite his own needs. Why else would he label Rin's supporters, who've just told him to stay strong for he is the rightful heir, as traitors.

Miri: Hmmm strong or alive . . . . choices, choices . . . . On another note all I could think of was Ha Ha of Infinity Challenge doing the executioners dance. Do you remember that from last year? 

Firnlambe: ME TOO!!!! All I saw was Ha Ha and his overacting.

Aunnie: I think I missed it HOWEVER watching Ha Ha doing the executioners dance would be pretty hysterical.

Miri: On DramaFever Infinity Challenge ep. 7 time stamp 51:51 and watch for a couple of minutes if you want to see Ha Ha dance. 

Wendilynn: Rin is lucky they allowed him to live, period. 

Aunnie: Still at a loss for why he was exiled though. I would think Rin would be easier to manipulate . . . 

Firnlambe: This almost brought me to tears, this poor kid has basically been put through hell . . . and now he’s forced out of his home? Can he not catch a break? 

Miri: If I were a guard in Rin’s entourage I would be on the lookout for a trap by the bad ministers evil goon squad! 

Aunnie: Are you kidding? I’d retire and wouldn’t be his entourage at all. Forgive me for being callous but . . . did you see how the REST of his entourage died? Yeah, no. 

Miri: Well there is always that! Of course it wouldn’t make for good story telling. 

Wendilynn: This poor little kid, the nightmare just never ends for him, does it? 

Taleena: He’s been exiled so that factions do not arise around him in court. It had already begun which is why they executed those ministers. When you have a king go cuckcoo for cocoa puffs, and an adhoc coup is formed in the middle of the night, you have to have unity right away or Bad Things Happen. This is how civil war is fomented. You have to nip it in the bud. It is a testament to how well loved Rin is that he didn’t retroactively die by the mad king’s hand from a “lingering wound”.

Aunnie: Pretty sure if my husband was choking next to me . . . I’d know almost instantaneously. How did she not wake up right away? 

Miri: Maybe she was worn out . . . . er, ummm . . . . just tired from a long day . . . . . . 

Firnlambe: Maybe since she’s just a concubine? I get the feeling that she’s not his wife. 

Taleena: When there’s something weird in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? 

Miri: “Bean Throwers!” Oh I mean “Ghost Busters!” 

Wendilynn: lol intelligence in women may not be the attraction factor. 

Aunnie: Curious as to who the girl is BUT I’m soooooo glad Song still has a part in the drama. I was exceptionally saddened by his death. 

Miri: Isn’t she one of the little girls who died in the beginning? Or did the king kill her? 

Firnlambe: Wait . . . little girls died in the beginning? when? I don’t recall seeing that at all. 

Wendilynn: no idea who the little girl is, but I was happy to see the other two. Yay for ghosts on the good side. Is it just me or is the Eunuch a little more “flaming” then he was in real life? 

Taleena: Not just you Wendilynn, if his voice got anymore flutey I would have formed a Woodwind Ensemble.

Aunnie: I love Il Woo, I love his acting style, but I particularly love how he stared the girl straight in the face, threw the seeds in the “flame” and still pretended like he couldn’t see her. 

Miri: Oh I loved how his servants scattered red beans everywhere and then his personal servant tried to get Rin to fan him!

Aunnie: That whole scene was comical to the extreme, it was totally Il Woo-esque. 

Wendilynn: Il Woo has some really great comedic timing here as he pretends not to see anyone. 

Taleena: If I were Rin I would invest heavily in red bean and pepper farms. My clothes would have amulets embroidered on them.

Firnlambe: No Joke . . . I'd have so many barriers I wouldn't know what to do with them all. No ghosts would be getting into my home.

Aunnie: Dear God, did we NOT learn from the previous King?? Any signs of insanity should be snuffed out at the first indication! Not exiled, not locked up . . . SNUFFED. 

Miri: Yeah then you have to say that maybe this is hereditary and maybe a quick crazy check is needed. Maybe vet the next king with a daily ghost Compass of Ki check. 

Aunnie: IF they used the Compass of Ki they’d know he was possessed, so maybe that should keep that Compass handy for emergencies. 

Miri: Does possession happen that easily in the royal house? Did no one learn anything? Also was there never a budget to repair the ward statues or was that issue dropped with the beheadings? 

Aunnie: Good question! It was probably skimmed over in lieu of making foolishly jealous little pric--boys into undeserving Kings. 

Firnlambe: It was dropped because of the crown prince ceremony, remember? Our crazed king used up all the funds there before the Nightwatchmen could fix the statues. 

Miri: But you’d think they would at least like to spruce up the broken statuary. 

Aunnie: Actually, quite the opposite, broken statuary means “Don’t Fuck With Us” apparently shit happens at the palace . . . don’t mind my language. 

Miri: Oh now I get it. (and I am married to a sailor so language doesn’t usually bother me.)

Aunnie: I’ll keep that in mind for future reference

Wendilynn: I’m not sure if this is possession or not. The ghosts tend to have other faces. We might actually have Schizophrenia this time. After all, it's not like the King has anything to be guilty of. *cough* tattle tale *cough* 

Taleena: The officials just have an “Oh cr*p” look on their faces. Now Dowager Queen and Minister of War are going to have to work REALLY fast to figure out how to install Rin partisans undercover. Something tell me they are not going to just let cray cray get out of hand again.

Aunnie: That’s dedication . . . you waited 12 years for a little tremor of unexplained movement? 

Miri: Plucky heroine. Do Ha, go see the nightwatchman do a “scientific” study . . . . 

Aunnie: We do like our science projects, don’t we? 

Taleena: Look we ALL know what chases ghosts away - essence. If Master’s Sun taught me anything it’s that a good dose of chocolate abs in the proper proportions is what is needed. Perhaps it only works with So Ji Sub though. Quick get me So Ji Sub and a haunted house STAT! It’s for science. 

Wendilynn: Count me in on the science experiment. You will need witnesses to verify results.

Firnlambe: //sigh// what ever will I do with you girls . . .

Aunnie: Also, can I just say how glad I am that the guard lived. Between Song and Guard, I didn’t know whose death upset me more but now I won’t have to “live” without either of them. Woot Woot! 

Miri: Oh! the bi-ceps and hooded man! Yeehaw! Now we have a story that is going somewhere! Now we need a little romance action and we are set. Not romance like bad king is getting but that wonderful awkward stuff like in Sungkyunkwan Scandal stuff. 

Aunnie: You mean between Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In? Cause . . . yeah . . . I’d like to see that relationship run it’s due course. 

Miri: Bad, so bad, but now that is delightfully dancing around my Mind Palace. 

Aunnie: How did it not dance around your Mind Palace when the drama was happening? I was just waiting for Song Joong Ki to kiss Yoo Ah In . . . and cried in disappointment when the drama ended and nothing happened. 

Firnlambe: Wait . . . who’s awkward romance are we talking about for NWJ? 

Aunnie: Pretty much every boy-girl relationship thus far in NWJ. 

Miri: On glancing back at the episode I am left with one parting question: Does Do Ha ever get a new pair of clothes because I think she is still wearing the same dress she wore as a child, it has just gotten shorter and tighter on her. 

Aunnie: Hahaha, I thought the same thing! Only apparently her pants didn’t fit so now they cover her calfs but yeah, it’s the exact same outfit. It’s cute tho . . I mean . . . if you aren’t going to update your wardrobe, might as well make it cute. 

Miri: Joseon miniskirt style! 

Aunnie: If only we’d known that this is what prompted the modern day Korean school-girl outfits.

Taleena: Obviously our minds all ran along the same lines because mini skirts are timeless. Also, I have got to recommend the lifting of magical rocks as a workout method. Even if he is wearing the “Don’t Talk to Me” Hoodie, he is kind enough to bare amazing arms. Thank You Jack Burton.

Wendilynn: You can’t kill Jack Burton, he always lives.

Firnlambe: Ha! Leave it to a jealous ghost to cause our dear prince trouble. Also . . . was anyone else extremely impressed by U-know Yunho’s martial arts display? I know I was. 

Aunnie: I'm just impressed with Yunho, I spent the whole beginning of the episode going “And enter Yunho!” Fail. “. . . and Enter in Yunho!” Fail. “. . . . Yu-Yunho?” Success!!! I’ll be super excited to figure out how these four people become the Nightwatchman. 

Miri: Yes! Nice roundhouse kick. Seems like everyone is kind of watching out for everyone at this point, EXCEPT for the evil king and grand vizier. 

Aunnie: Arguably the two people who SHOULD be watched. 

Taleena: Cray Cray King and I Heart Dragons are going to be closely watched by the Minister and Dowager Queen. I am not convinced the Minister is Evil just ruthless. 

Wendilynn: Yunho was great in this scene. His athleticism was put on very good display here. 10 years of dancing doesn’t hurt. lol 

Firnlambe: And then the whole ghost processing people in order to attack Rin . . . Yeah, its safe to say that was by far my favorite scene out of the entire episode. 

Aunnie: I like how Rin isn’t even affected by ghosts even though he prefers to pretend like they aren’t real but kudos for calmly taking the seeds from his little pouch of Anti-Phantoms and calmly discharged the ghost. 

Miri: Oh and did Yunho see the ghost leaving the body of the attacker? Is he playing stupid too? 

Aunnie: I had the same thought but it seems like he just knew where the tiles were coming from however, I'm fairly sure he’s aware that there is such a thing as Ghosts 

Wendilynn: Our boys are cool and collected. I like that. 

Aunnie: Was there no “Job Interview” for this? Are they just letting any ‘ol gorgeously tanned person into the bedrooms of kings nowadays? Was there a test to see his abilities? How can they not see the absolute evil that is seeping from his eyes? 

Firnlambe: My bet is on that particular servant in charge of that particular interview was either a woman who was understandably distracted by his physique . . . . oooooooor they were gay and were . . . again . . . understandably distracted by his physique.

Aunnie: I’m envisioning the feminine kid from Rooftop Prince. “So . . . you have magical abs--I mean abilities. You’re hired!” 

Miri: I’m thinking Sadam has some kind of moxie to just ruin one king and waltz back into the palace. Really if you think about it spending the rest of your life in hiding seems more normal, EXCEPT for the fact that he wants his dragon back . . . . 

Taleena: Obviously I Heart Dragons used his funky green smoke to get the job. Wait, who was the girl he met at the docks, she seemed to know palace scuttlebutt. I bet it was her that got him the job. 

Wendilynn: This guy never looks like someone to trust. Talk about dumb or desperate. 

Firnlambe: Lookie Look!! A shirtless blacksmith with deliciously toned muscles FTW!! Our collection of samples in the name of Kdrama Science has been given another test subject. He even gets an awesome OST change lol 

Aunnie: Wow, they’re just piling on the sexy as if it’s going out of style . . . but not gonna lie, never knew the guard had it in him . . . or rather, on him. However, I’m curious about the scars on his back . . . was he a whipping boy at some point? *ahem* I believe there is a 50 Shades of--oh, nevermind. That one is too easy. 

Miri: Scars denote bravery combined with the chiseled back and you have a scientific formula for love interest B! Everyone hop on the B line! Toot toot! 

Aunnie: I’m totally okay with jumping on this train as long as there is no SLS. The way this drama is shaping up to be, I’m seriously hoping there is no SLS . . That’d be great.

Firnlambe: Oh you know there’s going to be a SLS . . . my bet is on Yunho’s character. 

Taleena: And for my group B in the “Does Essence Drive Away Ghosts” Experiment . . mmm Make that magic sword . . . make it fine. The Innkeeper is every kdrama fan evah. 

Wendilynn: I’m sensing a case of TLS. “Third Lead Syndrome” hehehe

Firnlambe: Oh please no, Kdramas are riddled with enough diseases as it is; Second Lead Syndrome, 360 disease, Amnesia . . . we don't need to add to the list. 

Firnlambe: I KNEW the Great Stone Dragon was gonna cause us problems. Why they didn’t just smash the bloody thing to smithereens is beyond me. 

Aunnie: And if it can’t be smashed, I want to SEE them attempt to smash it at least so maybe we believe that they just weren’t supremely stupid 12 years ago. I didn’t really think of it at the time HOWEVER, how colossally stupid to place the ONLY KNOWN BOW that can destroy this Serpent God RIGHT.NEXT.TO.IT. 

Firnlambe: Well the little voice of reason in me is reminding me to say that the King was possessed. 

Aunnie: True . . . . very true. And obviously no one kept up with the statute after the king died because hello creepy cobwebs. 

Miri: So say you went to smash the statue but it was too solid to do much damage, but say that you could chip little pieces off. Would it be good enough to chip off the teeth and talons? Do you have to break the whole thing down to rubble or will the vital parts be enough? I just thinking . . . . 

Firnlambe: OMG yes, that would be spectacular . . . the dragon would awaken and be totally worthless and question his Dragon fearsomeness.

Taleena: I Heart Dragons has a look of “I can’t believe they actually kept it HERE this whole time! Who’s that stupid?” on his face. 

Wendilynn: So the Great Stone Dragon wouldn’t wake up for Mulan, but he’ll wake up for Sadam? I cry foul. 

Firnlambe: YES!!! You got the Disney reference . . . I knew we were friends for a reason ^-^

Aunnie: Yeah, let’s just pave the road to evil success. Why make it hard for the bad guy and make him work for his evil deeds . . . it’s waaaay more satisfying to just give him the crown and watch him flourish. I suppose anything that makes Guard Guy show his naked shoulders and Yunho show off his fighting styles, I can’t be opposed. 

Miri: But then maybe thinking evil thoughts while bathing is actually considered hard work (having previously defined “hard”) and so maybe he has in fact earned the easy walk-through of the palace. Does having a bad child nature predispose one for future possessions, or do these children actually grow up and stop acting like children? I’m just saying.

Taleena: An evil monologue AND an evil laugh. He had to have been practicing that on the boat all the way back to Korea. 

Wendilynn: so far he’s been a pretty inept bad guy. He failed to successfully wake and keep awake the dragon the first time. You’d think the dragon would find another leader. I’ll be surprised if he can keep the king under his control.

Firnlambe: I’m sure the fact that the King has gone crazy himself will help Sadam though.

Well friends, Sadam has finally started putting evil schemes in motion. The question now is; will Rin catch on in time in order to stop him? or will King Cray Cray give Sadam all the power he needs to finally awaken the Great Stone Dragon. Sadly all we can do is wait and see, but be sure to let us know any theories you may have lurking about in the comment section below.

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