GOT7 [Rookie Review] & [Album Review]

Rookie Review

Oh dear....this Group......what can I say about this group
Mark, Yugyeom, Youngjae, JB, BamBam, JR, Jackson 

I wasn't expecting to enjoy them as much as I do. As I mentioned in my initial review of their debut track/ MV "Girls Girls Girls" (located here) their lyrics were not quite to my liking. But thankfully I can't understand them lol so I can choose to ignore this little factoid.

This group honestly took me by surprise, after watching them live there was nothing I could do but appreciate their stage presence. This 'martial arts tricking' is amazing! more groups should do this lol . . . their dancing is awesome, don't get me wrong, but there's something about flipping and spinning while still staying in time perfectly with the music that really grabs my attention.

See what I mean!! Talent . . . . pure talent, not only were they able to do both songs with their 'tricks' (which im sure is exhausting) they also clearly sang it live. I actually had to re-watch the video a few times just so I could listen to see if their singing was over a dub track, but it's not. Go to 6:23 and you can hear them actually talking into the mike during the dance sequence. I also absolutely love that JYP is making serious effort to have the boys interact with their I-fans (something more agencies should do). They have already appeared on After School Club, a show that lets us I-fans interact with our K-pop Idols in a way previously thought impossible, a mere week after the groups official debut. That makes me, as an I-fan myself, feel extremely happy and plus as an added bonus the boys are just plain adorable. The following video is their appearance on ASC. Feel free to watch the entire show, but for a real quick clip showing off the adorable side of the group, skip to 31 mins.

I'm seriously looking forward to seeing them on more variety shows.

Album Review


This track is actually very catchy. The electric beats can be annoying in the background, but mostly you just want to move along with the them, plus the lyrics are the type that make you want to sing along. Particularly for us I-fans because of the use of English scattered through out the song. I do feel that song ends very abruptly, which is kind of a disapointment, but not to the extent that I dislike the rest of the song

Girls Girls Girls

Probably the most ear-worm like song you will ever hear. The beats are strong, yet subtle enough that you find yourself humming it at random points in the day. While I dislike the lyrics like I mentioned in my MV review (here), the song as a whole is probably my favorite off this. 

I Like You

Holy crap!! This song has another annoying catchy vibe to it. While the overall tone to the song is ballad-ish, GOT7 doesn't lose their Hip-Hop roots by any means for this song. One major down side for me, is the incessant high pitched background voice. It feels utterly useless to me because it brings nothing of value to the track whatsoever. This song probably would have 5/5 stars for me if that voice wasn't such a constant factor in the song.

Follow Me

This song is probably my second favorite song right behind "Girls Girls Girls". Its just super catchy, plus I love the complete use of English around the final rap sequence .I cant tell off the top of my head just by listening, but I think its Mark and/or Jackson who does this bit. 

Like Oh

I think this is a good song to display GOT7's range. Not only do they actually utilize 'singing' they blend it exceptionally well with their rap sequences. It's not quite a ballad, but its very close. 


Welcome to GOT7's ballad track! It was actually a surprise they put an actual ballad in the track-list. Not much to say about this track, its your typical slow song.


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