GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls MV [Review]




Mark, Yugyeom, Youngjae, JB,  BamBam, JR, Jackson

Welcome to the new age of JYP Hip-Hop boy groups! GOT7 just recently released their very first song "Girls Girls Girls" and well I'll let you judge their MV  for yourself.

Reaction & Thoughts:


Well first things first . . . . I'm glad to see that JYP are giving their rookie's decent funding. GOT7 actually gets to see the outside world and they had a decent indoor set. But I gotta say, whoever wrote the script for this MV needs to watch out for a few things in their next M/V. Like how the girl, who's clearly from the same school, made it to the jewlery shop first whilst walking . . . walking and yet the boys who are on moving scooters get there second. This makes no sense whatsoever, but I suppose this girl has super powers or something, because not 1 min later she's able to find the hidden button that opens up a secret passage. Which, apparently, leads to the local neighborhood "delinquents only club".

Enter GOT7! 

While the camera shakes are annoying, the different screen transitions are very well done. I particularly liked the smooth transitions between the split screens like at 2:15 where JR.(or at least I think its JR.) moves from one shot directly back into the other. OH and did I mention that the boys can dance? Cuz DAMN this 'martial arts tricking' is impressive. Prime example is at 3:41. There we see, Mark I believe, go into a cartwheel. Only its not just any cartwheel . . . this is a cartwheel done in real-time yet designed to look like it was done in slow motion, but wait!!! He's not done!!! This slow motion cartwheel leads directly into an impressive front-flip as the finishing touch. JYP sure can pick em' when it comes to dancers.


Well while the MV was 'OK', I did enjoy the song, the beats are not overly annoying and the rap flows really smoothly. I like how it has a 'darker' feeling to it with the background track, unfortunately thats where the good qualities stop. Now I love the fact that they use quite a bit of English in their debut track, really I do, but the overall lyrics for this song are atrocious. I really wish I hadn't read the subtitles, cuz now all I hear are arrogant boys singing praises about themselves.

"Yo, Uh, I’m not exaggerating, unfortunately not
This is not a song, just take my word for it
Don’t twist it, please listen to me
Don’t know if you’ll understand, but it’s like I ate a magnet
My body attracts the girls to me, can’t do anything about it
So many times already, all in one day? I’m just too popular
Whether young or old, they grab me and say let’s play
Whether they know me or not, they say whatcha doin’? Let’s talk
Wish I had a twin
Maybe clone myself like the matrix
I’m the only one but I’m so in demand
Every lady wants a piece of me"

ok . . . seriously, the average age for these boys is 18 WTF would they know about any of this. I know they're a hip-hop group and all, but seriously . . . did they have to go with this style of lyrics? Why couldn't JYP have done for GOT7, like Bit Hit entertainment did for BTS?

(make sure you turn on the CC)

Do you see the difference in the lyrics. It totally gives the song a different feel  
. . .
Anyways not much else to say on this matter. Go ahead, give them a listen, who knows . . . maybe the rest of their EP will be better.


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