The final part of the Drinking Game for Kdrama addicts

It's here!!! the last and most difficult level of the Drinking Game fore Kdrama addicts!!

Lvl 3: you better be an Expert otherwise you'll be in a heap of trouble.

As I've mentioned in my previous posts (1 & 2), I've tried to find some drinking games to play while watching my beloved Kdramas but that I'd had no luck. Hence I decided to create my own. (=^-^=)

Lets begin.........

First things first, this level is extremely difficult and is a sure way to get yourself plastered (i'm not kidding here folks) so please only play this game when you are planning on staying at one place for a long period of time.


Anytime any of the following occurs everyone must either take a shot or down a beer/whatever bottled alcoholic beverage you prefer (unless noted otherwise)
  • A guy grabs a girl by the arm and drags her off somewhere in a rush 
  • A scene takes place inside a cafe 
    • 2 shots/beers if the cafe is playing an English song 
  • A corporate logo has been tried to obviously be blurred out 
    • 2 shots/beers if the logo is manually covered instead of digitally 
  • A lone male/female character stands outside in the rain 
    • 3 shots/beers if its during the episodes final scene 
  • A scene inside a nightclub 
    • 2 shots/beers if you know the lyrics to the song being played 
  • A female character slaps a man 
    • 3 shots/beers if the male character slaps a female character 
  • A scene takes place on a bench outside a hospital 
  • A female character blinks, causing fake tears to fall 
  • A cell phone rings 
    • 2 shots/beers if its on vibrate. 3 shots/beers if you think your own phone is ringing 
  • A breakfast / Lunch / Dinner table scene occurs 
    • 2 shots/beers if a female character leaves the table in a fuss 
  • A character is drunk/drinking 
  • Ample cleavage is shown 
    • 5 shots/beers as this tends to rarely occur 
  • A passionate kiss 
  • 3 shots/beers . . . 5 if there is tongue and/or groping

Drink your way through the Kdrama base system

The number of shots you take from your drink is dependent on the number of that particular base.
( 1 shot for 1st base, 4 shots for a Home Run, and so on)

1st Base: The wrist grab
2nd Base: Actual hand holding
3rd Base: The Back-hug
Home Run: A Kiss!
              ~ Take a bonus shot if the kiss actually looks good and is not just two faces awkwardly smushed together.

Current Level

Warning!! Expert Drinkers Only


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