Drinking Games for Kdrama addicts

Recently I've been watching a TON of Kdramas via DramaFever (and I mean a TON!). Since I am of the legal drinking age, I tried to find some games to play while watching my dramas and I've noticed that there are not many drinking games oriented around the awesomeness that is this particular genre.

So I decided to create my own. (=^-^=)

I've divided these rules up into 3 different levels; Lvl 1: for the Super Weak, Lvl 2: for you Average folks and Lvl 3: you better be an Expert otherwise you'll be in a heap of trouble.

Lets begin.....

Level 1: For the Super Weak (or underage)

There are a few ways for you to follow along with this level. Either drink using a non-alcoholic beverage, or just take smallish sips of whatever alcoholic drink you decide to make.

Drink once every time...... 

  • A character stares meaningfully off into the distance  
  • When someone has water thrown in their face 
  • Someone drinks water because they are mad/upset 
  • The mob/money lenders show up 
  • A main character drowns their sorrows in Soju shots 
  • There is a hospital scene 
  • A male character demands that a female call him "Oppa" 
  • A family elder is diagnosed with some mortal illness 
  • There is a random shot of a cat 
  • A character makes the "V" sign for Victory while getting their picture taken 
  • There is a blind date for the main character(s) 
  • A girl makes a duck-face out of disappointment or disapproval 
  • The main couple breaks up 
  • The main couple makes up 
  • A significant other is referred to as "My Man" or "My Woman"
  • A main character has a meeting in a cafe.
  • The main female receives a piggy-back ride (2 sips if she's drunk, mad and is telling the guy off) 

Drink your way through the Kdrama base system

The number of sips you take from your drink is dependent on the number of that particular base. 
( 1 sip for 1st base, 4 sips for a Home Run, and so on)

1st Base: The wrist grab
2nd Base: Actual hand holding
3rd Base: The Back-hug
Home Run: A Kiss!
              ~ Take a bonus drink if the kiss actually looks good and is not just two faces awkwardly smushed together.

Current Level

For the Super Weak (Underage)

Next Level

Average Folks


  1. This blog just got posted over at mine! ;)

  2. Someone decided Park Min Young's LEFT profile is prettier.
    Every time the camera cuts to her, IF the shot is from her left side, take a sip.

    Noticed this most in "Whats wrong with Secretary Kim". Not as obvious in "Love and Weather" but still enough to get you plastered.


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