Drinking Game for Kdrama addicts cont.

Last post I mentioned that I tried to find some games to play while watching my Kdramas and that I'd noticed that there are not many drinking games oriented around the awesomeness that is this particular genre.

So I decided to create my own. (=^-^=)

I've divided these rules up into 3 different levels; Lvl 1: for the Super Weak, Lvl 2: for you Average folks and finally.... Lvl 3: you better be an Expert otherwise you'll be in a heap of trouble.

Lets continue.....

Lvl 2: for you Average folks

This level of my Kdrama drinking game requires you to have at least a decent tolerance to alcohol, as you will be taking mostly shots (with an occisional swig from your preferred alcoholic beverage)

Take 1 swig every time.....

  • A male character grabs the wrist of his female companion to drag her off someplace

Take 1 shot every time.....

  • The parent of a main character loses all their money/goes into debt
  • A female character wails "Oooooppppppaaaaaa" to get her way
  • There's an airport scene
  • There's a slow-motion arm grab scene
  • A main character has to go to America for X-years and the city they end up going to is New York
  • The secondary male and female characters  hook up
  • Someone says, "I'll kill you" , "You're dead" , or "You wanna die?"
  • The main characters mother offers a ridiculously high amount of $$$ to their significant other to dump them
  • A main character says "Fighting"
  • A parental unit denies their child the freedom to marry whomever they want
  • There's a flashback to something that happened in the same episode 
    • Take 2 shots if the flashback is within 10 mins 
    • Take 3 shots if the flashback is to the proceeding scene

Take 2 shots every time.....

  • A guy makes a duck-face out of disappointment or disapproval 
  • A girl grabs a guy by the arm and drags him somewhere 
  • Someone refers to their crush as "my man" or "my woman" but you know (and everyone else knows) that would only happen if hell froze over 
  • The leading lady is too drunk to get home, and the leading man (or 2nd lead who's been in love with her forever but never says anything about it) carries her home on his back.

Drink your way through the Kdrama base system

The number of sips you take from your drink is dependent on the number of that particular base. 
( 1 sip for 1st base, 4 sips for a Home Run, and so on)

1st Base: The wrist grab
2nd Base: Actual hand holding
3rd Base: The Back-hug
Home Run: A Kiss!

              ~ Take a bonus drink if the kiss actually looks good and is not just two faces awkwardly smushed together.


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